Media & Critics/Fans

To all of you fans & media fanatics who rely on what’s said & run with it, you all are the real MVP’s. Thanks to you, there’s a reason a lot of these celebrities either gain or lose the attention that they do or don’t deserve. I know that sounds like I’m punching everyone in the gut for something that they probably didn’t even do, but I just wanna speak my mind about a few things that I noticed about the media & the fans of various celebrities and superstars. I would easily target solely the Grammy’s, but I can thankfully use another source of celebrity that went through the same form of scrutiny. LeBron James went from the hometown star to the traitor of Akron to a disloyal Miami Heat player. Now, those exact words weren’t said, but I can confirm that a lot of Miami Heat didn’t stick with the heat when James went BACK to Cleveland. Bad enough, they weren’t even James fans in the first place. I’ll admit that if Twitter was out when I was in middle & high school, I would have been posting so many thoughts about Michael Jordan. The truth of the matter is that I respected his game, but I never wanted to see him win. I just felt he was just that dominant. However, he was a monster on the court. What was never presented was that he made the players around him better. Jason Kidd did the same thing. Thankfully, Kidd got a ring at the end of his career & has struggled in the coaching department (bad enough he’s been getting some pretty sucky positions, but we won’t get into that). Back to LeBron, he was the villain at one time, & then when he went to Miami, he had to go out of his way to prove himself in a way that wasn’t even necessary by anyone, but part of it was based on the “King James” reference. My question though is was that a title given to him, or did he ordain himself the king. That’s where I make my readers do their research.

Now, last night, the Grammy’s were on, & Beyonce performed a gospel song that didn’t go well with her style of singing…plain & simple. Many times, we wanna criticize the artist or feel that it should have been handled this way or that way. I mean, yes we could sit here & point fingers as to who dropped the ball, but the way that it all could have been broken down is to possibly have the original artist who had performed it and did an excellent job (so I’ve heard). I think that regardless of how something is or isn’t done, people have to have something to complain about or feel should have been handled differently. Thinking back to a week ago, the Seattle Seahawks got so much slack for not running the ball, but no one knows what was really going. Yes, they have Marshawn “Beast” Lynch, but they had 4 downs to make a play. The first place that was attempted to be thrown into the endzone unfortunately ended up being an interception. No matter how you look at it, everyone thinks it was all handled wrong. I think that the Grammy’s put on stage who would look good for their depiction. It didn’t mean that it was meant to be the legitimate artist to perform, but that’s why they’re human. I know from posting what I shared on Facebook, it sparked lots of conversation (and everyone was able to discuss how they look at everything). I will admit that everyone isn’t meant to agree on everything, but coming to a consensus on the simple things will never get a complaint from me whatsoever.

This is somewhat of one of my brief ranting blogs, but I wanted to get this out there, because I feel that we sometimes want something how we expect it to go. Most people were looking for her to sing Drunk in Love or 7/11. I believe she performed Drunk in Love. I personally didn’t watch the awards show because I rarely give awards shows any attention. The last enjoyable awards show I watched was “The Game Awards”. We all know why I enjoyed that, so I’ll leave it there. I know this was a different blog for me, but I’m pushing to write more content & not leave my blog dry. That would defeat the whole purpose of me moving over to a new home. I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. In closing, I will say that both the fans & the media play a key role in this process of how a star gets or stays on top. It’s a matter of how much they’re glorified or talked about that causes how they’re spoken about or are getting their record or jersey sales (yes, I know there are other celebrities, but this is the primary direction I’ve gone with this). Until next time, this is BT signing out dropping mics & smacking cups EVERYWHERE!

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