Valentine’s Day

OK, I know for a fact that there will be MILLIONS of people writing blogs or speaking on their personal thoughts & views involving love & Valentine’s Day among other things. I will tell a bit of a personal story with Valentine’s Day first, & then you’ll see why I don’t give it much praise & honor. There were years that I enjoyed the day of February 14th & other years that I practically wanted the day to come and go based on how it went. For example, back in 2006 (those who remember itsmy06 can relate to this) I moved in my apartment on Valentine’s Day. I’ll never forget it when I moved in my place, because one of my “friends” at that time didn’t seem to understand that I chose to move on that day because it was the day I was off from the job I was working at that time. It’s a part of the routine & lesson process. More than anything, I was just glad I had my own place. I have a feeling that I can get back to that point with no problem. Just have to see what happens in life. Well, nonetheless, that was a good year I had w/ the holiday. There were days that I had bad experiences, whether it was my battery dying that day, or just dealing with someone who was more concerned about me picking her up for Valentine’s Day instead of realizing that I couldn’t really do anything for that day.

I just had a conversation with a friend of mine who gave me a simplified form of clarity. I think that talking to the right people will put the right thoughts in your brain, & this is no exception. If you wanna do nice things for your partner, do surprises & those nice/extra things all the time (or sporadically). However, allow Valentine’s Day to be that chance to go all out and outside the box a little. Being bossy or controlling (or even demanding) on Valentine’s Day is not a good look. One of the hardest things for men AND women is to learn to be you & not BOTH people. Oh, I’m sorry. Maybe I should say this again. If you’re the woman, be the woman & allow your man to do something nice for you if he’s able to. Don’t come at him telling him what you wanna do. Fellas, if you’re planning to treat your lady, treat her, but get some input cordially (meaning find out from others what she may like). Now, I’m not just making this a man & woman thing. Those who in relationships with the same sex, do something nice that he or she will enjoy…plain & simple. I’m not just gonna dodge or avoid that topic when I know I have friends who are involved in those aspects. I think that life is amazing sometimes, because we wanna find a reason to either be upset or complain about something, when sometimes, accountability isn’t accepted on our part.

So I’m kinda steering a little off course, which is normal, but the focus has returned. The truth is that you shouldn’t do things ONLY on one day. Some folks have gotten that full treatment of being treated like a queen or a king, & there’s nothing wrong with that. However, some folks sit back twiddle their thumbs, & get in their feelings if things don’t work out the way they want it to. It’s almost like being picky about not getting something preferred when you weren’t even deserving of getting anything in the first place.

Maybe I’m writing the way I am about this because I’m pretty single & though I’m not salty or jealous. Many of my friends who are married, in relationships, or even just at the dating stage are in a place I would DREAM of being. For me, hanging with friends is no big deal. Socializing in certain environments is fine w/ the right people. Regardless, just being a free agent is something I’ve worked on learning to be again. I think it’ll come back when it’s time. I’ll get through this only as I know how. It’s literally another day at the office. Just gonna work harder on keeping it classy & groovy (gosh, I make it like I was born in the 70s lol…no offense to my 70’s babies). I just think that you have to learn and understand the meaning of the holiday & then if you’re caught in the tradition, don’t be so overwhelmed. And hey, if I’m just cheap when it comes to it, then maybe I see love in a different way. Nonetheless, I want your thoughts & input about this holiday & “season”. Final thing, & I’m running away. If you aren’t doing things for the right reason, then don’t do it. It’s that simple. Everyone enjoy Valentine’s Day Eve, & if you are planning on participating in Valentine’s Day, have fun & enjoy whatever you do properly. Be smart & mindful. Until next time, take care.

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