More Ink? More Stories? Absolutely!

So, a few of my friends have been able to see the newest ink additions to my arms. I noticed that no matter how much ink I get on myself, I have stayed consistent with getting everything on my arm. I think that I have turned my arms into canvases, but I don’t mind it whatsoever. Those of my friends who are on Facebook, I know you’re missing these posts (IG, WordPress, etc), but the truth is that there are some people who are really wanting to see or know what’s going on compared to those who have hardly been consistent or been there through it all. That’s something that I will talk about in a blog of it’s own.

This blog, however, talks about the 3 latest tattoo’s that I got. I have balanced out my accountability of acknowledging BOTH of my parents along with placing a bit of a personal story into a public light with the 3rd. And yes, I got THREE tattoo’s at one time (different locations). I will blend the pictures into this article (refer to the bottom) and enjoy the journey you’re about to go on. The order of the pictures is exactly how I got each tattoo. So, let’s start with the obvious and most evident one with my 11 ball. Those who haven’t caught on by now, red is my favorite color EVER. The options for pool obviously would have been 3 or 11. I didn’t really see a purpose of getting the 3 ball, so the 11 ball stood out, & as stated earlier, this is a VERY personal story. Those who have been keeping up with my story & the background are aware that I was at Richmond City Jail for 2 and a half months for being stupid. That’s neither here nor there. Well, I’m not sure if I shared this, but when serving my time, I was in BOTH the old and new jail, which caused me to get the funky hot summer in the old, while getting the central air in the new jail (talk about funds flipped backwards). Anyways, while in the new jail, they placed (sorry assigned) everyone in their cells (and certain folks had roomates/bunkmates or whatever. Well, of course, I was placed in #11, which was just random, but I was there for a little less than a month, but I got through my days & just focused on making my plans on be home & be the BT that a lot of people haven’t been able to embrace. So, of course, I’m left-handed (except writing), & the pool ball is on my left arm above my 151 tattoo. Still got some space, but I’m not thinking too far ahead (you know I’m lying). Also, the left arm is what I’ve gone with accepting as being red-based (Nintendo controller, 151, Bacardi bat, & now the 11 ball).

The second tattoo (shockingly) is the FIRST red tattoo on my right arm. I have seen renditions of the 3 hearts, & everyone’s hearts have a different meaning, but I really was able to come up with this one as a MASSIVE reference. This gives my balance of the gaming and nerdiness reference. The first thing I want you to notice when you see the 3 hearts in person is the placement. It’s on the same side of my arm as my Nintendo controller (except it’s on my right arm obviously). When initially getting this one, I was gonna make the reference to having all 3 hearts filled in and that life is just in full strength. However, I ended up getting 2 hearts fully shaded with the 3rd heart partially shaded. This one is VERY easy. Right now, I have my mother (heart 1), my father (heart 2), & I’m still working on me (heart 3). Usually, this would be a mic drop, but it’s ALSO referred to the fact that if anything were to happen to my parents before me, I have key pieces in my life, such as friends (heart 1), family (heart 2), & me building & growing daily. So if you’re willing to hear or talk about my ink, just be open-minded & understand that there’s a method to my madness.

My final tattoo I got is LITERALLY a dedication to my father. I know that my dad is a HUGE part of my life, & I think about him ALL the time. Many people hardly hear me talk about my father, but he’s a big part of why I have the working drive. I will go out of my way to keep a job and maintain stability within my mind and this routine of mine. So, his birthday is May 21st. The simplest way to honor him was to get his birthday in digital clock format. My bro who did these tattoo’s is such a perfectionist when it comes to his craft, & made sure that each of these were done properly. When I got to this one, I talked, but not really, because this one is the one that not many people will understand unless the really have been around when I wasn’t talking to my father whatsoever, let alone trying to get him out of his shell. Well, the truth is that I was trying to get out of my own shell. I initially wanted to get it filled in, but I think having it outlined to mimic a digital clock was only fitting. I was tempted to get it filled w/ red, but I think that the way I did it worked out great. As I tell people all the time, there’s a method to my madness. I think I’m gonna keep my scribe blank. I initially wanted to put the 5:21 in the scribe, but it would have been too small. I may come back to it at some point, but it’s not a priority whatsoever.

I believe that’s the story of the latest big three. In spite of what’s seen, I’m ONLY at 8 with tattoo’s. Will there be more? That’s an excellent question. Believe it or not, I have an idea that will be obtained, but I think we ALL know when that’s coming. What exactly it will be? Guess you’ll have to hang around and watch the posts & keep your eyes & mind open, because this one will be very in-depth. Wouldn’t have it no other when BT is involved. I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. Until next time, this is BT wishing positive vibes to those around me, & first off, you’ve been warned, & second of all, I’m Audi.


2 thoughts on “More Ink? More Stories? Absolutely!

  1. It’s always interesting to listen to tattoo stories. I am glad to read this on today because I was able to receive more insight to your “jail time.” Keep sharing. I can attest that it wasn’t for nothing.

    1. Yeah I have been very selective & secretive in sharing stories regarding all that has gone on within that time period. I feel like my writing will never stop. Thanks to the computer, my working/writing abilities, along with just having more thoughts on my brain, I’ll be sharing stories to get people in tune w/ all that goes on in my life. Just enjoy & be on the lookout.

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