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So, I know I might shock a lot of my readers by writing one of these. I accidently shared a blog that was supposed to be private (thanks for that catch FYI), but I must admit that I’m BLESSED! I’ve been learning to get into this humbling state. Keeping things within my life simple has been priority number one. That’s obviously easier said than done. Folks will try their best to test you & attempt to keep you on your toes without even noticing it. I’ve lately been caught up in keeping things as simple & stress-free as possible. I feel like this blog might be the best blog to discuss one of my most bland/favorite sporting events of the year…the NBA Finals.

Now I’ve had co-workers ask me time & time again who do I think is going to win. I have been very quiet about my pick, but believe it or not, my interest in the Finals isn’t that strong this year. Part of it has to do with the Houston Rockets playing as awful as they did game 5, so I’ve still got that salty reaction to the way the series ended. We tried to put Klay Thompson & Stephen Curry into the concussion department (come on Trevor Ariza). I thought those plays were just a true definition of how tough and chippy this series was going to become. Regardless, the better team won. Golden State was still one of the best teams in the league. However, they’re playing against LeBron James, who STILL has a chip on his shoulder. He likes to play in these type of games/series. The truth is that the Cavs are a pretty shortened squad, but you have an interest group. I think the X-Factor for Cleveland will be Kyrie Irving. If he’s at 100% (which he won’t be), then I would take Cleveland with no problem. With that being said, however, I think Golden State will win this series PENDING gaining ONE game in Cleveland. Remember, this series format is 2-3-2, which places 3 straight games in Cleveland. I still think of them being the underdog will cause LeBron to go into what I call “cheat code” mode. Think back to when you played video games & you could create a player w/ all of these souped-up attributes…that’s what you get with LeBron. So, with that being said, MY PICK for the Finals is…CAVS in 6. I am so glad I realized that I mistakenly put 9 lol. Nonetheless, the Cavs will win with Shumpert & J. R. Smith BOTH having some performances that no one saw coming when they were in New York. It’s amazing that these guys were both trying to get their careers on track or continuing. Smith never could break through like talking about it. Shumpert was known as being a defender, but he’s actually been playing both sides of the floor, which is a new feat for him. We’ll just see how this series plays out. I will definitely talking about this series as the games progress. I hope that I will keep you tuned in as I’m catching scores & highlights from the games as they’re being played.

Well, I found a way to swap this blog from being a daily/everyday blog to a sports blog (haven’t done one of those in a while). I hope that I can do more of these. I may surprise you all and catch some hockey updates. I know that soon, the UEFA Champions League will be coming on & I’ll be tuned in with no problems whatsoever. I really wanna see what Barcelona has in store, because they’re what I like to call the ultimate cheat code in FIFA/UEFA Champions League. I still find it funny that years ago, I didn’t keep up with half of what went on involving soccer. Now, you can’t keep my eyes away from the TV when a soccer game is on TV. I hope you all enjoy reading these blogs as I’m sitting here purchasing a scarf for my sorry AC Milan team, but if I’ve stuck to them since I was in high school, then I may as well stick with them now. Until next time, this is BT signing out.

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