It’s interesting that a year ago, I was sitting in a place that I never thought I would be. Spending more time thinking & putting pieces of my life together. I had no mental guidance & felt that I was lost & practicallly missing from myself. Now, here we are a few weeks from getting that color change from Yellow to Blue. Those who know & understand the grind realize that it’s nothing but focusing & keeping my eyes well beyond the prize. It’s only fitting to just keep the process as simple as possible. No need taking myself through the madness of placing things in my mind that I have no control over. I’m just willing to let people (including myself) that I’m hungry & driven to do whatever it takes to get me back on the right track & then some. It’s just time. That’s all I can tell myself. It’s nothing but the hype life & contra cheat codes on heavy. If I don’t do ’em now, then they’ll never get done. I’ve learned to stay positive & just do what’s right. I know I constantly talk about staying focused, but the truth is that it’s the only way I know. I have to keep that mental determination intact in order to get things going in my life honestly.

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