This is a bit of an easy yet challenging blog. The reason I say this is because I know what I’m thankful & proud to be free from. HOWEVER, I also know that I kinda wanna fill in the blank & explain the reasons why & allow my readers to be thrilled & ready to enjoy a few of my thoughts regarding this topic from my personal point of view. I was very close to going the abbreviation route, & that’s not me by a long shot. I love to write with a purpose & mission that will shock or even surprise me.


I feel like I wanted to write this, but I didn’t know the angle or plt as to how to present this one. I really think back to where I was a year ago. I hadn’t even been in jail for a full month at that time. That was something I was very uncomfortable speaking on or talking about when everything happened back then. I broke down & lcoked @ one of my journal entries I wrote. I specifically read & shared a portion of my entry on the 4th (of July). I initially didn’t wanna do anything for the 4th because mental memories went into my brain. Then, I had to look back @ the fact that last year, I was behind bars being forced to learn plenty about myself. Most of all, I had to deal with adversity in a way like never before. I learned something, & this might expose some information that eople “on the outside” of jail wouldn’t realize, but “on the inside” aren’t told. no mirror in jail is perfect or clear. Why do you ask? It has to do with not wanting an inmate to invest time looking at themselves or trying to see beyond the mirror and think into their personal & most inner thoughts. The time frame I was in there, I was expected to bring myself down, which wasn’t on the agenda for me whatsoever. The one thing I’m amazed by is that a year ago, I would have never planned or put anything together as to where it is now. I’m beyond from those chains & bands. I use the term incarceration pretty loosely, but the truth is that my routine was very llimted. Now, however, I have much more control over my routine & my life. I felt as though taking the time to get things in my house in some kinda order was the only way in order for me to get by & ahead. Yesterday, I was shocked that I went back & saw logos & designs that I tried working on, & that I had plans/goals that I was working on. The only goal that I haven’t accomplished or finished is getting my A+ Certification, but the thing is that I’m currently working towards getting that finished. I’m taking the class, & now it comes down to learning everything I need to in order to go to the next level. All I’m wanting to do is progress & extend my mind, brain, & heart ahead of where it is now.

When it comes to my Freedom & what I have to be proud of being free from, the most obvious thing was being free from who I was & saying that I’m proud of who I’ve become. I just know that the road that I traveled in that span is a road I never plan on traveling again. I will run away or hide out permanently before running into that phase again.

I know I let this blog linger on a little, but the truth is that I love where I’m at now & what’s ahead. Just look forward & never look back. If this isn’t the ride you’re willing to take, then I wouldn’t hang around. Hope you all enjoyed reading this & until next time, this is BT signing out. Take care.

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