Am I Ready for Love?

It seems like those moments when a musical bug hits you & you’re sitting there looking at a title having to resort to listening to the single that triggered your title confirms that your mind is really going. I’m at that point this afternoon. I will be the first to admit that love is something that scares me. I honestly can sit & say that the last few relationships, I have been scared to love someone fully. I feel like a key part of that was because I wanted to make sure that I was getting the same amount of love in return.

Sometimes we think that we are ready, but what we have a tendency to do is leave a lot of unfinished chapters & pieces in our lives with a “what if” or “how come”. I have to come clean in saying that love for me lately is hard to do since you don’t know where a person’s mind or heart is for that matter. Love kills us sometimes. What’s even worse is that we find ways to kill love. I feel like what’s hard to come across is that people don’t know how to truly love & care about themselves by doing the things to better themselves. Now, before I continue, this doesn’t mean that I’m looking to expect someone to take themselves on excessive dates. What I do mean is that you know how much you matter to you. I feel like we sometimes miss that. We know we matter or are important, but we don’t realize that we make an impact on others based on how we treat ourselves. Treating others is an important element of it, but the way we treat ourselves is even worse. We always hear the phrase treat others the way you want to be treated…do we know how to treat ourselves? That’s a question that I’m going to leave you with today. I’m not gonna turn this into a massive blog, because I have had this one queued up mentally for quite some time, & I felt now is as good of a time as any to get these thoughts written on paper. I have been working harder on getting blogs posted. I have turned into a podcast addict. If you haven’t already done so, please check me out at this site. Until next time, this is BT signing out. Peace.

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