Dear Trends

Hey tattoos, Kardashians, Social media outlets, drinking binges, gamers, technologists, scandal, empire, & How to get away w/ murder fans, Love & hip hop fans, basketball wives, sports fanatics, & all of you other trenders out there…I’M TALKING TO YOU! If I missed you, don’t worry your trend exists. I feel like we sometimes miss that certain trends or unique interests doesn’t give anyone the right to say what someone else is into is wrong (especially when you don’t have a justified reason as to why you don’t like something or someone). I might step on toes, but religions are trends as well. Here’s why I say this. You can hear people who give people who have their views or thoughts on another’s religion or beliefs in thinking that it’s wrong. I honestly feel like no one has a place to judge when we’re not the creators of anyone. We are all here on earth working our hardest to live and improve the best way possible. I just feel like we point out trends while missing our own trends. I really have a long winded blog for this. All I really feel is that we need to sometimes remembe that pointing out the flaws of other trends makes you forget that your trend doens’t gain or obtain a heavier or stronger trend. Until next time as always, this is BT signing out. Peace.

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