You Look Beautiful

Men & women, I want you all to think to a point in life when you’ve given someone you found attractive a compliment. Keep in mind, the compliment isn’t a sneaky way of trying to get sexual favors or your number. If someone said they loved your soul, would you accept that compliment? I feel like I’m trying to avoid one-sided with this, but I feel like women don’t do well with compliments.

My twin (as I call her) posted a picture of her cut & it looked beautiful. Majority of the friends she has said that the picture looked nice. Afterward, she went on to post a status that the feeling of knowing she was beautiful hasn’t crossed her in a while. The thing is that everyone goes through this. What happens is that we want someone to make us feel special. Getting these feelings & thoughts from friends is fine. However, when it comes from a john or jane doe that knows you’re beautiful or you look good, the first words out of our mouth’s sometimes is that we are shy & we call ourselves being modest. I will come clean in saying that everyone goes through that phase. For example, many women have their personal greater assets (and if you wanna say borderline or play air horns, go right ahead, because that’s where I’m going). Most women already hate being told they got a fat ass or got huge breasts. When they do something cute or pretty to themselves & it’s addressed that they look pretty or they better jump on that runway, it’s likely to draw that level of discomfort mentally because they haven’t heard or felt that they were beautiful. And I’m not throwing this at any one woman or female in particular. I’m sending a message to all women…ESPECIALLY BLACK WOMEN! Never forget how beautiful you are (on the inside and outside). So what you have a little weight here or there or you feel uncomfortable with certain parts of your body. A guy is gonna love and value you for you. I think that we sometimes forget that true people care about people…not their “appearance”. People don’t like this analogy, but if a guy can talk to you while wearing a plastic bag (especially a garbage bag) then he’s past the DM status/phase. If he’s open to mentally stimulating you and offers random compliments…two words…THANK YOU or I APPRECIATE IT. We as people and individuals need to know our value & our worth. We wanna find ways to love ourselves, but don’t know where to stop. Every day, tell yourself one good thing/quality about yourself. You’d be surprised how much that will remind you that you have a lot more you’re bringing to the table than you think. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot and the other person hasn’t even walked up to say hello.

I’m about to be super aggressive in saying this. I have some great friends, but my female friends are beyond beautiful. And that’s on the outside as well as on the inside. They really are key pieces to my growth in their own way. Guys, yall cool, but my queens that I rock with. All I can say is wow. I feel like sharing this with you all can give you some sheer and real hope that you matter. Don’t feel that you aren’t important. We always wanna be selective in our compliments. If someone says something nice about you, present a thank you and keep it moving. You’d be surprised how that makes a guy feel, because it’s few times he will say “you’re welcome”. Oh, wait, I think I need to hit this one. There are few times the guy will return the favor by saying “you’re welcome” because he isn’t used to getting feedback or a response for a worthwhile statement.

All I wanna do in this blog is drop knowledge and keep your brain flowing. And this is to all of my friends who get uncomfortable when they’re told how beautiful or nice they look. Don’t get modest on us. I’m telling folks now if I give you a confidence boost, you’d better pick your head up & say it with proud internally that I know that I look good & follow it up with a thank you. It goes a VERY long way…trust me. If you don’t believe me, give it a test drive. I want feedback on this one everyone. I hope everyone has enjoyed reading this. I am gonna close it out here. Until next time, this is BT signing out. I don’t know if you can tell, but my writing is back.

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