So I really must have missed something. There was one time when you had a problem & could easily sit down & talk to people. Now, somewhat like I’m doing currently, we have a tendency to go to social media & just pour out our emotions and feelings thinking that there’s gonna be that one person that will understand what we’re going through & give us either a like or a comment or a response that will ease the tension or leave a lasting mark that it’s all gonna work out. What happened to picking up the phone & saying “hey I need to talk?” Yes, I get it, we don’t wanna be on the phone. Lord knows I have my days when the phone is the last thing I wanna be on (despite knowing that they invented headsets that make talking on the phone much easier). However, we have gone away from just simply communicating to others worrying about how others will receive our conversation. I think a phone call or a legitimate text conversation (as needed) goes a long way. We forget those though. I think part of why we forget those is because we feel like others are always supposed to stop what they’re doing & literally reach out to us first. Now granted, I’m not saying to run to a phone & call everyone in your address book for the next few weeks. What I am saying is that there are those friends who have been there for you. The least you can do is take a moment or two & just write them a text message or even make a call to make their day. That call could be the call they really need. Many times, we don’t know what someone is going through, & then wonder why they’re in this down & out or depressed state of mind.

I get that not everyone is naturally engaging in conversation, which is fine. However, the simplest way to start off a conversation is hey or hello. Before I continue this blog, I wanna write this, & this isn’t a call out or a pointing of the fingers. I’m a very friendly & mostly nice guy. This means that I may say boo or hon or luv to some women. That doesn’t mean that I’m trying to get with you (the female) or get with your girl (fellas). It’s just me speaking. I will even go as far as call her ma’am or even dahling. It’s this misinterpretation of what we say to others. Many times, if we approach the person with the right tone and demeanor, it can make things a little easier (whether we realize it or not). Many of my friends know that engaging & being willing to talk goes a long way with me. Having small talk & reaching to talk will leave you on that silent island. I get that we all have those certain topics that get our mind & blood flowing. However, don’t engage conversation & do so in a bland or generic way. That becomes a problem in more ways than a few. I think you have to know when to hold ’em & when to fold ’em.

This is gonna be one of my simple blogs, because my request is to get more people to take that step or leap of faith of really talking to others & not sitting there with your hands on your hip wondering why nobody is taking that extra step to talk to you. True, I know that you’re not expected to run up to every person & make conversation this tedious long-winded process. However, don’t hide into a cocoon when there are a bunch of people who are all introverts like you but acting ike complete fools when having a good time. It makes you look like a stick in the mud. Also, & this is my final thing, don’t invite yourself to hang out & then have this mood or attitude like you wish you didn’t come. Whether you came or not, we were gonna hang out & unwind. I think that’s the part we forget…the show keeps on going, regardless of how much we pout. I truly hope you have enjoyed this reading. It’s a little different, but something to get ya thoughts on overflow for a moment (borderline). Until next time, this is BT signing out. Lata.

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