So the timing of this blog might be a little off, but it applies to some reading this, so here goes. I really don’t understand why we are jealous of others. Years ago, I went through a very creepy situation. The fact that someone wanted my life solely because he wasn’t happy with his own life or particular situation. You can try to understand the way certain things are done in life, but over 16 years later, I still can’t figure that one out. I kinda gave that story partial. He wanted to live my life. There were things I was doing that he wanted to do. He just didn’t have the confidence or willingness to be himself. With me, all I’m gonna do is be Bryan. I’m not sitting here saying I get it right all the time, because I’m still HUMAN. The point is that the fact that he wanted who I wanted dating wise, he wanted to the schools I did, he didn’t have a personality or mind of his own. That was creepy. Now, granted that is far from being jealous (more along the lines of stalker), but he wanted my life because he was trying to get his life in some kinda manner for real. I get random updates about him & I don’t know much about what he’s doing, because we went in different directions.

The reason for the tile…everyone lives & handle their lives differently (almost thought that story wouldn’t fit in the blog since I didn’t have it written, but me being unscripted should be normal). Also, not all lives mesh well with other lives. Most cases when it’s forced, it causes tension & friction that you can’t deal with…even if you wanted to. People shouldn’t have to “fit” in your life if they don’t even fit in their own lives. And there goes Bryan stepping on toes again. You can make or force something to fit in a place where it’s just not meant to be. If something or someone belongs somewhere, then they will be there. Dont’ be mad about what I’m doing or where I’m at with life, because you wish your life was there. Or even worse, I have friends that I just naturally was myself when it came to being friends with them. My core crew, Lord knows we are the craziest bunch of people, but the truth is that we don’t force our friendship. We allow it to be kept well-knit together. When something simply comes together, it has a better feel to it. When you drive or go somewhere because you wanna go there, you actually value & cherish the travel. When you feel forced or pushed into going somewhere, you truthfully don’t feel like it’s where you belong, but you know that you have to face it in so many words. It’s better to be a part of something that you’ll actually feel involved with and won’t regret participating in.

This is yet another simple/direct blog. No one needs jealousy in their lives. If my friends were jealous of me hanging with other friends, then there’s something wrong. As a person, I have the option to hang with whoever I want at anytime I want. Telling me that I can’t hang with someone and feeling I should hang with them OR get all of the parties involved to hang together is not how I function. Also, if you aren’t heard from or hardly talked to, but suddenly expect to be taken in like everything is everything, then you may wanna do some sorta re-evaluation. Not everybody came to see you Otis. If you see other around you are chilling and relaxing, then sit down somewhere, relax & just enjoy the moment. I know it’s more challenging for some than it is for others. Like I said earlier, being yourself can be hard, but it’s not that hard if you don’t make it that hard. And finally, please stop being jealous of someone or something & you hardly have a stable/legitimate reason as to why or what you’re jealous of. I will never get that for the life of me. On that note, I’m gonna end this one & hope that my readers enjoyed what’s been shared. Until next time, take care & be blessed.

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