The Insecure Exposure

I thought I wasn’t gonna have to write this blog, but it looks like life wants to have it’s crazy & odd way. This means I have nothing to do but to speak on the evidently obvious elephant in the room. I will never get why people want their insecurities out to me. I know that we all have flaws & kinks in our lives, but those things shouldn’t be slowing us down to being better people, let alone adults. I won’t put anyone’s stories out there, but I will say this…PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO THINK OR SOMETHING. I’ve realized that a lot of people haven’t had to be cut off by me. They’ve literally cut themselves off. I have absolutely no problem with that whatsoever.

For some strange reason, we feel like we’re forced to react to something because an action has been initiated. However, we don’t play into the equation that some people need to just deal with whatever small/personal things they have going on or are trying to deal with. Putting it on someone won’t resolve or make it right. IT NEVER DOES. I think the worst part is that we miss that. If you have an insecurity with yourself or someone around you, then it’s better that you deal with it than bring it around others…ESPECIALLY ME!!!! I know that I’m writing in all caps with this blog multiple times, but I really want my point/theory to be made in this blog. Using me as the outlet or the improper resource will leave you on your own island & you won’t even know it. I deal with people, but it’s usually on my terms. Lately, I’ve been more inviting of others in my routine, but that’s been on as I feel fit basis. I will admit that I don’t look at anyone as an “as needed” basis, because I need folks at times, but it’s not that I’m using them with ulterior motives. If you care about me or matter to me, then you won’t see me as a trophy you pull off the shelf when it works for your particular moment. I am constantly pressing play. If you’re pushing pause from time to time, then that has nothing to do with me whatsoever. That’s something that I really wanna point out. You choose your place with others. That’s something I really wanna emphasize.

So my personal piece of advice I wanna give myself is not to take people antics or moments personal. They’re literally just being themselves. That’s what I learned in life. We all are gonna be who we claim or think we are, & then we suddenly allow the true us to come to light. Not everyone is always receptive of him or her, but that person is truly us. You shouldn’t have to look at anyone that way, but that’s mainly the way we are sometimes measured or evaluated. It could possibly be case by case in most instances, but most of it is pretty consistent & across the board. If you take the way a person is personal, then that’s crow you truly gotta eat. That’s what I have come to grips with as of late. We gotta be true to ourselves & own up to our own persona & style. Tying this into insecurities, this is important, because we all have them, but not noticing or acting like they don’t exist isn’t gonna cause them randomly go away. I am really not gonna go into a massive spiel about this topic. I just wanted to state that I don’t wanna be a part of your personal insecurities or discomforts that you’re not open to facing. It’s already enough that I gotta face & handle my own madness. Tackling your chaos can sometimes be a tall order. We sometimes don’t know how much that can weigh down on us without even trying. I really hope that my point was made in this blog, because I am really sick & tired of other people having insecurities that they’re not willing to face eye to eye land in my lap & suddenly become a part of my problem that I have absolutely no solution to. It’s just not the least bit of fairness in that whatsoever. As always, this is BT signing out & I want you all to do something different with this blog. If you have something you’re dealing with internally or it’s practically eating you alive…DEAL WITH IT!!!! Don’t expect someone to take on that load if they have a load or process of their own. Just something to think about. Until next time, take it easy.

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