Mental Clutter

I’ve been sitting on this topic & have wanted to blog about it for quite a few days. Since I needed a little BT time just to sit & write a little, then here’s a good share for the readers. I’m gonna put you into the proper perspective of where I’m coming from. The truth is that life has been purely in GO MODE & I’ve been trying my hardest to just keep up. My flaw/mistake is that I’ve been just leaving a thing or two here & there, which is then causing me to practically have this stuff sitting around looking at me as I’m looking at it. This then creates/generates a cluster of chaos. I have been trying to claim that I have it under control, but the truth is that the chaos has been nothing short of massive. I obviously have no one to blame but myself. Owning up to the reality of who I am and what I have claimed myself to become has been the tallest order to challenge at times. Right now, I’ve been slowly unraveling the disorganization that has been on my shoulder & practically in my face. Having to overcome the various travels of obstacles that seemed to just land in my lap has been a tall order if you ask me. I’ve literally been up to the challenge. A few months ago, the mental clutter generated into an extreme amount of disorganization. Of all places, it generated & made its way into my CAR, which if a lot of you aren’t already aware, it’s a messy place to generate mess or chaos. The thing about the car was that I drive in it practically every single day. The two places that I found myself living or being were my car & my room. Those two places were a ball of mess & foolishness. My room is still being worked on, but it’s in a much better state than it was in a few months ago. My car finally has space for people to SIT. That’s when you know it’s real.

I wrote this entry because I think it’s forgotten how important it is to be sure to do your part in keeping your life & routine organized. Organizing or preparing the smallest things can help you stay organized & maintain stability in other categories. That’s just how I’ve seen it at least. Everyone handles this piece of their life differently. I will admit that I have those moments in which I practically relapse. Then, I come back. I am randomly sitting here writing realizing that while I’m doing all of this typing, I have to save my battery life. The number one way to do it is by reducing the monitor lighting. OK, I know half of you reading this are looking at that section as a highly irrelevant piece of information. I must say that, on a brighter note, I have been pushing my hardest to maintain some form of organization lately.

I honestly feel like the mental clutter comes from a massive amount of thoughts circling around in my head. On a lighter note, thank goodness for spell check & grammar check, or most of these blogs would make it seem like I don’t have a bachelors in anything. Owning up to the truth can sometimes be harder for us than we realize. I wanna say this before I continue…I’m still working on my mental clutter on a constant basis. You can have it under control for a brief moment, & then it suddenly seems like it’s practically out of your control. Figuring out or understanding why that is will be one I’ll never be able to explain. Just wanted to share that as I was writing this blog.

I wanna end this blog in a bit of a unique way. If you haven’t done so, take time & just play some good music & get some cleaning of clutter in your life. Granted, this may include removing people from social media or allowing them to remove themselves. Many times, you don’t have to get rid of people before they practically get rid of themselves. It’s practically a simple task that is taken for granted sometimes. From that point you’re taught to just invest time to get rid of the worthwhile excessive clutter, you eventually hit a place that isn’t the greatest to reach, & that’s called a hoarder. People see real live hoarding, but then when you think about those times when you have friends or so-called associates in your life who are just hanging around with no legitimate reason in doing so, they’re just there, but not with a purpose. You can do either one of two things…watch them slowly wither away from your routine OR you just keep them around and talk to them on an “as needed” basis as some of them may do to you & not even know it. I know I’m solely writing about people, but this applies to things in our lives. When you hold on to something that you may NEVER use again, you’re just giving yourself a reason to keep or hold on to something that is of no benefit to you in the first place. You wanna put the blame on everyone else, when you can get rid of that item or article of clothing & the world will keep on moving/spinning whether you keep it or not. Those are the lasting words I leave you with today. Until next time, this is BT signing out saying PEACE!!!!

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