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I am a little delayed this week with the podcast, & it’s amazing that I looked over my sheet in wondering who I picked between Houston & New England, & if that’s any sign of my luck, I will be struggling to stay above .600 & that’s not a shocker. I guess I have to pick smarter & more realistic. Going into today’s games, I already messed up picking against the Patriots. As a random share, the Patriots of the NFL is equal to picking against the Bulls in the NBA when Jordan was playing (or if Phil Jackson is coaching for that matter). Nonetheless, I had to accept that my picks are off to a rough start. Don’t cringe, but here are my picks this week:

Houston (loss)
Panthers (loss)
Packers (win)
Ravens (win)
Bills (win)
Raiders (win)
Dolphins (win)
Giants (loss)
Broncos (loss)
Seahawks (win)
Rams (win)
Chiefs (win)
Chargers (loss)
Steelers (loss)
Bears (loss)
Saints (loss)

Record: 8-8
Overall: 17-15

I have decided that I’m resting the Kaepernick story, because the media has done a good enough job of adding traction to it. The only time I’ll address him or the situation is once he’s starting or is actually on the field.

The UEFA Champions League got started over the past few weeks & there have been some fixtures. Many of the groups have been dominant (as expected). Many of them come down to when and where teams play. The qualifiers gets a good amount of attention, but nothing massive.

I was quiet about it, but the Premier League has been something else. A lot of teams are showing up & showing out. One team that has been in the midst of the struggle is Chelsea (well, I wrote their name since that’s my team, but that’s from them not giving their best effort). The team that came up in the podcast was Manchester United. Jose Mourinho came over & it looks like all of the unexpected problems came with him. It was only fitting that I brought up both teams since he previously coached one & is currently coaching the other. I expect criticizing out of him, but his public criticizing is what hinders him as being a good/great coach or however you want to call it. Sometimes, it works, while other times it’s practically a waste of time. Hopefully they’ll turn it around.

This past week, in the NFL Fantasy League fail chronicles, I really didn’t do anything. I mostly kept my team the way it was. I didn’t even look to see who had what problems going on after Thursday’s game. I just have been trying to get my first win. Something tells me my first win won’t be until week 4 or 5. I’m claiming it now. I know how much of the struggle I’m in when it comes to trying to get something as minor as my first win in the league.

If you want more detailed conversation about these topics that were discussed, the links are at the top of the page. I appreciate everyone reading or listening to the podcast. Take it easy. I’m signing out.

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