____(insert sport here) Draft (the Call)

Thanks to my twin, I thankfully am able to add a bit of a spin to this blog. Sometimes, you need to just present an idea to someone & the idea grows or flourishes in a way you would never realize. Well, that was the case with my current situation. A few days ago, one of my friends & I were hanging at work (and no names will be presented). She was on her break & I was on lunch. She happened to return a call that she had missed. Well, it was “the call”. It was a call that she was waiting for. A couple of days ago, she had interview to go to a new department. So she returned the call to confirm that she was given an opportunity to work with that department. When she shared the news with me, I was very excited for her. It was the change/chance that she was waiting for. Now, what makes it interesting is that I had applied for that position. After she got off the phone, she shared “I think you’ll get the call soon too.”. Anyways, she went upstairs & I was just patiently eating my lunch & out of nowhere, my phone started ringing. It was the number of the recruiter who setup the interview for me on last Thursday. I answered the phone a little nervous, but spoke with the recruiter. She shared with me that I had gotten an offer to take the job. I was excited, nervous, emotional. I was the true meaning of a wreck, but I had a justifiable reason. I needed the opportunity to land as it did. I was beyond thankful that it landed when it did.

The reason I’m writing or sharing this blog is for two reasons. Whenever you see athletes try to pursue their dream of taking their talents to the next level (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc), many times they’re either in what’s called the “green room” or sitting in the crowd waiting for their name to be called. Some people publicly go to the drafts as they’re on TV while others do the draft from the comfort of their own home with their friends & family. You have those who are watching the draft on live TV as they’re hoping for that call to come in. Some draftees get that call during live TV. Others get the call when there are no cameras around. Most of the times, the athlete is waiting for the call. The other side of the coin, which is the 2nd part, is that you have potential draft picks who attend the draft only to not hear their name called. The best example of this is Brady Quinn in the NFL. He was considered to be one of the biggest picks in the draft. There weren’t any teams willing to take a chance on picking him in the draft. He ended up being picked 22nd in the draft. Even worse was that he had a slight attitude after being drafted, which I kinda understood why, but I also felt that being upset wasn’t gonna fix anything.

What I want consider in all of this is that you never know what may or may not happen. If you have a job or opportunity that comes your way & you’re given that call, you’d better answer it, because you never may know when that call will happen again. Many times, the call comes & literally goes. When it goes, it finds a way of never coming back. I had to learn with time that I am not the best with patience or practically placing this expectation that doesn’t exist. You’re then forced to just sit back & let life take it’s course. For example, one of the other individuals who works with me was hesitant about taking or returning the call. We had to push her to use the phone & remember that this could be the opportunity you’re waiting for. Once she finally called them back, she was glad she did, because it turned out that she was close to missing her opportunity to make a change for the better. One thing, & I will close with this, is that we sometimes have to have a fire lit under us to get something done. The reason being is that we don’t wanna take a chance or a risk on something not knowing the outcome. Life is all about risks & tasks. We take a daily risk going to and from work. Just because you get in your car & make it to work doesn’t mean that there aren’t things bound to happen. Life has a tendency to hit us in ways we’re not often willing to accept. However, we take on those tasks & challenges every single day our eyes are open. It’s something that not many of us take time to think about. I’m learning that patience comes with the territory. It’s a unique saying that goes “good things don’t come to those who wait…it comes to those who try”. I have really been forced to take time to look over & assess that one. I will wait, but I’m unwilling to try. I have learned the more that I have tried, the more success comes. The most important step of the success is to not only wait for the call, but to take it if you have to. Nonetheless, when the call comes in & it’s your time, you’d better shine & show out. That’s what makes us bigger & better than others in life sometimes. Yeah, I’m struggling with the ending, but I will cap it here. I hope everyone enjoyed reading this one. Challenges & obstacles will land daily, & if you don’t see or realize that, then the one or most important opportunity could be sitting under your nose & you could miss it doing something selfish or stupid. Until next time, take care & I’m Audi.

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