Something New (Podcast Wise) (Spreaker) (iTunes)

I’m gonna write something, & I have to be honest as I’m writing this. I really didn’t know how this podcast would go, because I didn’t have a way of previewing it the way I normally can preview my other podcasts. For some reason, Garage Band wanted to flake out while playing it back.

I did a little bit of sports in this weeks podcast. Mostly jumped into music & gaming with the podcast.

Kaepernick PLAYED against the Bills. He is rusty. Guys been out since the end of last year. Did some preseason, but wasn’t really ready. The league wants Kaep to fail, & that’s because of personal reasons. I don’t expect anything less. He had 189 yards & 1 TD.

Brief fantasy randomness…I almost had someone starting who was OUT for the Bears (Eddie Royal). Caught it & got rid him. Goodbye to Dez (possible trade on the horizon). ERROR moment…Bye week this year. Let’s try bye week this week. Still waiting on win number 2 to happen (unsure when that will be).

Last week picks (6-8); Overall (38-37)
This weeks picks:
Packers (win)
Giants (overseas) (won)
Lions (won)
Vikings (lost)
Bengals (win)
Titans (lost)
Ravens (lost)
Raiders (win)
Chiefs (win)
Bills (lost)
Falcons (lost)
49ers (lost)
Patriots (win)
Seahawks (tie?)
Houston (if Houston loses…they won’t be picked by me EVER again) (of course they lost)
Record: 7-7-1

Game 5 of the WNBA finals is on TV tonight (Sparks vs. Lynx). CP3 (WNBA) vs. Maya Moore. Possibility of a repeat. Mistakingly called the Sparks the Lakers. I fully failed on that one. Love catching mistakes in my podcasts. The joy of missing random marks. Regarding the World Series, Cubs vs. Dodgers is game 5 w/ the winner meeting the Indians. No NBA talk (just yet). It’s coming though.

That belch was random lol…sorry guys & girls.

The rest of the podcast was sheer improv.

Gaming goes first…

Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch. My friend is super hype & I don’t blame him. Gave a brief overview of how it works. The sides unsnap from the screen & you can play it as it’s own controller. Includes a docking station. Release date (timeframe) is March, 2017. The video was on YouTube: Now I will admit that it’s gonna be a game changer. I wanted to also share that I purchased a copy of Gears of War 4. I haven’t broken the wrapper though. I can’t tell anyone if it’s a good game other than watching it on streams. My gaming grind lately has been Halo 5, GTA V, NBA 2k17, Fifa 17, & Halo Master Chief Collection. I’m working harder on being a better gamer. I loaned my cheat code console to my sis (yes I trust her & I know that will give her life).

After the Nintendo Switch announcement dropped, Red Dead Redemption will be released in Fall of 2017. This 1:08 teaser was something else. Red Dead Redemption gave a good dangler though. I socially plugged Rockstar ( They changed their logo on Twitter (which to the true gaming community, is massive since it’s red & black).

A Seat at the throne (I meant table). I love this album by Solange. She put her soul into it & it shows. She introduced interludes in her music, & that SHOCKED me. A friend of mine did a blog on the album, & Lord Jesus… I think everyone loved the single “Cranes in the Sky”. Majority of the interludes include “Percy Miller” aka “Master P”, & he gave some major stories about “No Limit Records”.

Here’s my closing. I will be giving my plug his plug in the future, because I skipped out on sharing my music with the listeners. I love this podcast because of the random cough in the background and the random skip of the phone ringing in the background. I think things like these are why I love podcasting, because they’re literally out of my control. I caught the first ring.

Please check out the retro podcasts. I’m gonna mess around with this new venture. This one turned out pretty good. I may give it a go again. I’m not Skip, Stephen A, Sharpe, or Max. I’m BT. It works & flows for me. Thanks for listening & enjoying everyone. I don’t have to give much more play by play. I enjoy what I do. Keep on listening. Until next time, take it easy. Vlogs “could” be coming soon.

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