This blog about sports…FAIL!!!!

This blog will be different. I will write down my fails first. Here are my picks for NFL week 6. I have a strange feeling that these results just ruined my vibe & my soul all @ one time. Also, remember, I skipped the Thursday football game since I didn’t choose any games on that day. Unsure if that impacted my overall results (probably not). Here we go:

Last week: 4-11
Overall: 32-29

Bills (win)
Eagles (lost)
Titans (win)
Giants (win)
Panthers (lost)
Bears (lost)
Rams (lost)
Pats (win)
Raiders (lost)
Seahawks (win)
Packers (lost)
Steelers (lost)
Colts (lost)
Cardinals (win)

Record: 6-8; 38-37 overall

And now, I will give you the updates & news about what went on the sports world last week. Kobe had another mask go up for sale. This time, I think they are re-selling a product was sold nearly 4 years ago (when it actually happened). It was a game-worn mask that Kobe wore after having issues w/ his nose when inadvertently hit by Dwayne Wade in the 2012 All-Star game. Nonetheless, they’re saying the mask could go on sale for at least 50k. The only thing I don’t get is why did the person who originally bought it want to sell it? Did he hit financial ties? Or was he just finding it to be a better convenience to let it go & mainly move on. I have been hanging on to that story for a while. One of my next topics involves Tiger Woods & the fact that 40 is creeping up on him heavily. Well, to confirm, it crept up on him. He withdrew from a non-major & his back is getting the best of him all over again. Some battles you just can’t win, & back issues is one of them. The mask was sold before, & then it was sold again (adding to the initial topic). I love how no one has the amounts of days right on this topic. I broke down a previous/similar topic about the floor being sold from the final game of Kobe’s career. Here’s that story:

My fave story relates to the Dallas Cowboys. Dak Prescott has gotten the Cowboys this far. I just hope that when Romo comes back from injury, he doesn’t trick up the chemistry the Cowboys have. I don’t see why they don’t keep Prescott as the story. Getting the win against Green Bay was huge. I’ll talk about that in the upcoming podcast. I still must admit that seeing a bunch of Redskins & Cowboys fans in one venue is ENTERTAINING. No one understands the significance of not just moral victories, but true victories. LeBron is getting his hands involved with helping to ease the process of the collective bargaining agreement regarding retired athletes. I think in so many words, the NBA wants to get right what the NFL has gotten wrong for years. The crazy part is that there’s no one to blame or fault in what’s occurred. It’s just about doing the best to get it right by any means necessary. I found a unique story involving the Phoenix not doing well in the box score, but making up for it in giving each other high fives. They have a high morale thanks to giving each other high fives & showing appreciation to each other. It’s all about chemistry and morale when you look at it. There are teams that take time to show each other love or support, but these guys were seen as giving each other the most high fives last season. Hopefully, this upcoming season, they can generate their high 5’s into wins & and possibly a playoff berth. That might be a tall order with their backcourt tandem possibly being up on the trading block. Have to see how that goes.

Bobby Brown (no relation to the the former R&B singer) from the Houston Rockets thought it would be a good gesture to write on the great wall of China. I feel like he pissed a lot of people off & social media wasted no time in letting him know how he felt about it. Thankfully he apologized for his actions, because when first doing it, I think by him sharing his skills & talents online, there were no thoughts behind what he did. Major lesson learned. Tiger Woods missed the cut for the Safeway open. He has been having massive problems with his back, & it’s taking quite a toll on him.

I dropped a last-minute story involving Michael Carter-Williams going to the Bulls for Tony Snell (soon to be a Milwaukee Buck). Finally, Chelsea will be converting over to Nike next season & it’s forecasted to involve 100 million euros. Money comes natural to soccer as a whole. I will never get why other leagues don’t take notes. Granted, I don’t want the NBA to turn into a banner plethora like the WNBA currently is. They go through a major struggle with that.

I’m hoping that I wrote about all of the great topics that were addressed in the podcast. If I skipped anything, I will certainly add it into the mix. Hope everyone enjoys their day.

P.S.-I mentioned that Kaepernick will start on this past Sunday. I plan to give stats (yes they’re in the next blog).

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