Blaming Others for Our Success/Failure

I feel like I’ve been sitting on this blog for a couple of weeks. I have a tendency to have a topic be discussed in one manner, but my writing brain cells go into their own world, & I just follow. I will say this…the moments of looking @ others & blaming them for why you haven’t done anything is because instead of taking time to own up to bettering yourself, you feel that it’s better to say I haven’t done something because of everyone but yourself. Before we continue, I will acknowledge that the previous sentence was a run-on that literally took on a mind of it’s own (which happens sometimes).

I will admit that this topic gives me quite a bit of flexibility, & here’s why. You can break things down based on whether your success is because of others, or if you did it on your own, AS WELL AS the fact that you can fail at something with the help of others pressuring you into or out of something along with you failing all by yourself. Another aggressive run-on. OK, back to the focus. I kinda left for a moment (or two).

First things first. When you are successful in something & it’s on your own, you have a tendency to be willing to pat yourself on the back & be proud of your success in so many words. Many times, we need that motivation from within. For example, when I write a lot of my blogs, I have to truly push myself to get them done. Sometimes, I sit with a draft wondering why I haven’t progressed with it the way I want to. I can’t blame anyone or point the finger @ anyone but myself. I just think we don’t push ourselves enough. Sometimes, we do, while others, we go to this anonymous or unexpected source that could help us out (or diminish a task being achieved). That source can vary from either smoking or drinking. Many times, we need it to relax us (which is never a bad thing). I think I’m really guilty of going to the relaxation queue, which sometimes makes me too relaxed, which isn’t always the best thing. I have to really break this one down on so many levels. I must say that self-motivation is truly the best way to make yourself accountable.

Now, with that being said, this then leads to my next side of this same process, which is when others in your corner or group are the reason for your success. When they get on your case for doing something you know you have to do & you wanna get upset about it, the anger will come, but that’s because you know that if you don’t do it, then you’ll have to answer to everyone that knows you’re supposed to be working on something that is meant to make you a better person. I really am adamant about having accountability partners who make sure you’re doing whatever it takes to get yourself to the next level of greatness. Your friends can sometimes take you to that next level. That’s something that you end up learning over time with life (for the most part).

So I’ve delved into the positive sides of this when it comes to self motivation & motivation from the friends and family willing to see you succeed. Now, I’ll get into the negative energy that can be gained by self as well as from outside sources (who could be your friends or even your frenemies). I was almost wondering if that word would work or not. Anyways, I will get into the failure factor when working on something by yourself. The first thing that causes us to get frustrated or unwilling to deal with someone is either when our vice is void in the circumstance OR we just are stressed out about things that may not even come close to happening. I always think about it, & it’s a thought that applies to me all the time when I am sitting & writing. I have noticed that stress & depression are two tough tools to deal with. I know that a lot of times, anxiety becomes this stressor that we don’t wanna face or deal with if we had our way. Giving up when we’re doing something for ourselves can sometimes become easy & simple since it’s an immediate option in most cases. You then remember that in not doing something, it could possibly affect everyone around you unexpectedly. The important thing is to try to give your best where it matters most.

As far as your friends or others around you, they can be your downfall if they’re not very helpful in seeing you fail or decline. For whatever reason, you have to remember that people will find a way to break you down & not see you succeed if they aren’t in a successful state. No one is perfect, but some people like to see you fall apart. I think there are gonna be people don’t want to see you falter, & there will be individuals that are standing there with the look of “I told you so…I knew you would fail”. Without those negative vibes, that’s what then provides you with a bit of motivation and incentive to do a little better for yourself.

I’m gonna end this one a little differently. Usually, I have a pretty well-prepared blog, but in this case, I’m actually gonna go ahead & give the answer to the title. Do we blame others for our success or failure. I think that pointing the finger at others is usually the easiest route. However, what happens is that you’re sometimes put in a position where you truly have to look yourself in the mirror & see if there’s something you could have done to alleviate the task or matter at hand. I personally feel that we find ourselves saying that it’s everybody else’s fault as to why I’m not doing what I need to do to better or challenge myself. That’s one of the biggest mistakes we make in life sometimes. I’m trying to make it my goal to not get kicked out of Starbucks AGAIN & like the movie, NO DRAFT LEFT BEHIND (Trolls reference)! Anyways, I’ve been lately learning to step up & know when I’ve just been doing a few things in my life a little “wrong”. Luckily, I’m still working on these things & learning it CONSTANTLY. You have to be willing to learn (which I talk about all the time). Being accountable and not blaming others for your success or failure makes you a better individual. You have to prove that you’re bigger than most battles and wars (knowing the difference between the two).

This might be my cap & closing (too bad that was said in the last paragraph), but I hope everyone enjoys reading these blogs. I am just here to do what I do & literally do it well. Until next time, this is BT signing out.

ONE MORE THING!!!!! If you are missing blogs, then that’s cool. However, the next blog that I’m about to write is the one you will definitely want to read. The time that goes into this upcoming blog is REAL. I love doing my year in review blog. Take it easy, & as usual, I’m Audi.

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