Building A Brand (pt. 2) 

It’s a massive challenge to write the blog the way I want to. I almost forget that I have to work on my year in review. I may have written about this before, but I’ll give my famous presentation. Before doing this, I must say that it’s a joy to have random pieces of technology that helps.  This Bluetooth keyboard is right on time. Does anyone remember as a kid when you were told about the whole spiel that you represent yourself and you represent your family when you go on a field trip? Yes I know I’ve used this example, but it worked then and goddammit, it works now. As kids we aren’t thinking about it much, but we really are trying to build this supposed brand. The quickest way I can think of it was when I volunteer with the kids now (though it’s been a while), I am known as either Bryan or Mr. Taylor. However, coming up as a kid, I was always known as Ms. Taylor’s son. It may not seem like it now at the age of 34, but having to re-brand myself was one of the hardest things to do. Luckily, I got that accomplished and then some. I’m beyond thankful that I was able to build and become Bryan. It cane with time time though. My nephew was constantly called Matt growing up. Now he’s become much older and wiser and he wants to be known by his first name, which is oddly enough Bryant.  Don’t blame him one bit since the name is awesome. Yes, I know it’s different since it has a T on the end, but still let me have this moment. Anyways, I tell these stories and talk about these type of scenarios because you have to sometimes figure out who or what your brand, which can be VERY easy or a tall order sometimes. Here’s why…no one wants to accept who you are, especially when you’re not accepting yourself. Many times we don’t love who we are, but we fail to realize that we have the option to change things in our own unique way. The best part of it is that you won’t make everyone happy when making these changes. I can thank back to a few years ago when I was still trying to “find myself”, which by the way is kinda impossible since it takes a lot to lose yourself, but that’s another blog obviously. With all of that being said, we have to realize that our brand will carry itself alongside us even when think we’re hiding it or putting it in our black pocket and holding onto it for a rainy day. The brand will always find it’s own unique way to stand out where it matters most. What is important is what you do with your brand. Many times, we tarnish our brand without even knowing what we did. Our brand is like a shield. Think of the NFL. They’re a brand that oddly are represented by a shield. Their shield is what matters most to them. Individuals can represent themselves all they want, but when they make a mistake or an incident then that’s who you stand up there and take the whole league on your shoulders. We are our own brand. A few months ago, we would listen to calls at work, & would get asked if the call we heard was either building the brand, maintaining the brand, or destroying the brand. Well, with life we are taught the same thing, but you don’t have someone directly telling you this. You have to experience it on your own and kinda figure out how to either maintain, build, or, God forbid, DESTROY our brand.

Now thinking back to that introduction involving those field trips and events. As an adult, when you go out, are you working your hardest to keep your brand under control? Also, I wanna add this to the mix. no one is saying that you have to go out and be a stick in the mud and do absolutely nothing. you just have to remember when having fun that if something comes back and could possibly haunt you, you don’t wanna say that I thought I had it under control. That’s a very embarrassing scenario when you think about it. When you’re out of control of your life, then you’ve literally lost control of your brand that you can also regain back. A few years ago, I almost lost my brand and didn’t know if I would get it back. I think it took me losing and practically destroying my brand until I realized that my brand was somewhat of a big deal. Once my mistake came and went, I was able to learn then that it was time for me to work on improving and expanding my brand. Granted my brand is little personal and involves some business (which I plan to push a lot more in 2017), but you sometimes have to see things come to fruition. I was distant and unwilling to accept the changes happening, but then I learned that all of it happened for a reason.

I wanna close out with this…YOUR BRAND IS YOU!!!!!! What you do with it is up to you. I get that things are sometimes gonna be rough and feel like they will never get achieved or completed. That doesn’t mean that you wake up and throw in the towel. The reason being is that you have to remember that those people who are in your corner cheering and rooting for you are the same ones that will be there to give you the honest truth even when you don’t wanna hear it. Sometimes we forget that. I know I had to learn that a lot of the times when I wanted to give up. My mother had to put me in my place and make me shut up and literally listen. my friends were the ones who would hit me with the “HEY LISTEN” moment, & I can’t even be upset with the presentation because of how valid and direct it is. When friends are trying to tell you something, there’s usually a reason behind it.Most of the times we have gone through something or are going through something together & can find that way to connect in our own way. Own, accept, and build up your brand only as you know how. You never know who’s watching and waiting for your brand to fall apart. That way, they can stand and say “see I knew you were a failure”. Those are the haters who don’t know success because they’re lounging around with that look of “I told you so”. Those are the ones you wanna tell themselves about what they’re doing right or supposedly wrong. People will take you down daily. That’s where self-confidence and self-building begins. I’ve gone through it time and time again. The important factor is that I walked away from it and can tell this story to all of you. If you wanna know the story, just ask. one point, I never wanted to talk about it. Now, I don’t even care anymore. The reason being is that I’m not trying to make anyone else happy , especially since I was leaving my happiness on the back burner. That’s what makes working on ourselves even more important. My closing message to everyone reading this blog is to remember that your brand will go through many motions and feels. Those motions and feels are gonna be an important factor as to what happens down the road. That “down the line” moment could be at the most unexpected scenario. Like I’ve said numerous times, I it has happened to me. that’s part of why I’m writing this blog the way I am. as always, I hope everyone has enjoyed reading this (just as much as I have writing it). This should build you up pretty well for the “Year in review” blog. I will tell you now, that I have A LOT to talk about. I am overdue to write this one. Granted, I was sitting on the brand blog for a few weeks, but I will make sure that the infamous year in review is one to remember. with that being said, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays. until next time, this is BT signing out.

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