Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas…

Without the one you love, Christmas just isn’t the same. Many people have their family or their children, & there are some who are celebrating their first Christmas without someone close to them. Also, there are just changes that are coming that we really don’t wanna face or deal with, which I can fully understand. I don’t speak on it much, but each year Christmas comes around, I think about the fact that I’m single again on Christmas along with the fact that my sisters aren’t here to celebrate Christmas. Having no family around that you’re used to having on a day of positivity makes it hard to fully enjoy the way others may do so. I’m writing this to say that I may not fully understand losing either your mother or father, or not having your kids on Christmas, but the holidays is a hurting time of the year for me too. I would usually carry the work flow or not acknowledge the day like it doesn’t exist, but what ends up happening is that when it returns next year, we get into our natural funk & frustration about the holiday & everything tied to it. Trust me, not having the ones you truly love makes you feel lonely & incomplete. The biggest thing I can say is to value the love that others are able to provide during those times that are viewed as rough, such as Christmas. We all have those challenges and obstacles, which means the biggest thing to do is just stand strong through it all. You’re welcome to be angered from time to time. Also, don’t forget, silly & goofy moments from people like me will help you to get through. I may have a cup or a care package alongside that moment, but being upset or angered by the actions of others or those “uncontrolled” portions of life doesn’t mean that Christmas is the worst thing of the year.

Obviously, I was supposed to do the year in review, but I wanted to write about this since it hit my mind. Plus, you have to value what life gives you sometimes, because even though you may never get other things back, those pieces you do have are more worthwhile than you realize sometimes. With that being said, it’s year in review time. I have to write this one out, because there’s so much to speak on. As always, this is BT signing out.

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