2016 Year In Review

I have to admit that writing this year’s “Year in Review” will consist of much more than the bare minimum. There are so many cliff notes & personal reminders I have listed to confirm that I leave no thought or idea out of the circle. If this is your first year reading this blog, I welcome you. If you don’t already know, I make it my goal to write as random & honest as possible. There are a couple of breaks & new paragraphs that you’ll see displayed, but I make it my goal to stay pretty consistent. OK, enough with the written breakdowns. LET’S BLOG ABOUT 2016!!!!!!!!

Now, one thing I was told is to make sure I don’t hold any punches or grudges in this blog. You’ve been warned. I realized that I was leaving out lots of fun in 2015 (when writing that blog). The largest amount of fun that stands out for me in 2016 would definitely have to be Magfest. For those who haven’t heard of it, you basically combine Music with Gaming (Music And Gaming FEST…Magfest) & give the true nerd their true moment to enjoy video games & live music performances, all while getting individuals dressed in up their respectful & flawless costumes (aka cosplay). There was plenty of drinking (NO DRIVING) involved. It was certainly the unwind I needed. I think the most exciting part is that I get a chance to do it all over again in a couple of days. I feel like anyone who is comfortable with video games & loves their true inner nerd (And every once in a while, prepares to randomly start or follow a Colossus roar) will truly value & get their true meaning of MAGFest on multiple levels. I feel like that time away will remain on my mind for years to come. Of course in a couple of days, I’ll be back there & fully prepared for what’s down to the road.

I was able to build a friendship with my work sis (aka Sisi), & we took a road trip to Myrtle Beach to celebrate my 34th birthday. I’ll admit that it was a pretty chill weekend because it all literally consumed the entire weekend. I think the mere fact that my labor day weekend was celebrated in the most chill & simple way possible caused it to become the perfect storm. Sometimes, it’s only the simple/small things that you need to get through life & all that comes with it. It was chill for other reasons that I personally can’t disclose within my blog. Let’s just say I did something different & highly enjoyed it. The 2% of the year would have to be playing miniature golf like it was the newest thing that opened while down there. I honestly can say with a straight face that I truly didn’t know what to expect, but I enjoyed myself on so many levels. Many of my friends got to see the random/fun video that I hardly disclose with anyone. Basically, I was in the video “twerking” & dancing like it was nobodies business. Why I bring this up is because of my line of work, I gained a bit of a family that I truly made. I have a pair of work mothers (my previous manager from banking side & my honest/petty mom who gets on my case when I’m acting up), of course my work sis, my grandma (that’s nearly the same age as me), & a brother who is low-key petty, which is a good thing. We practically built this family over time. There was yet another member of our so-called petty family/group. However, they wanted to call themselves being the center of attention. It’s pretty hard letting someone go. Wait, who the hell am I kidding…it was a decision I had to make for the benefit & sheer comfort of myself. Being happy & proud of you is something you literally have to be willing to do on your own. In all fairness, the stunt she tried to pull regarding “not talking to us to see if we would miss her” & “what’s the status of our friendship” were huge pushing points for me to leave her ALONE & DERPY!!!!!

Since I’m speaking about work, I can give the grind a bit of attention. Well, there were lessons generated to take into 2017. The HUGEST takeaway is to TAKE TIME OFF!!!! Going back to my work sis, she has given me an idea that I’m strongly planning on blending into the upcoming year. More than anything, Bryan has to do this for Bryan. I had burned out when working on the bank side of life. It was somewhat shared, but if you have been out of a conversation with me, I have gone over to the dark side. At the CO (yeah I’m not stupid), I now work in partnership disputes. TWO WORDS…TERMS & CONDITIONS!!!!! Yeah, I caused the ampersand to not be considered as a word. I truly had lost my drive & motivation to work way too early when being on the retail side seeing the workload increase. This kinda taught me to be a little adventurous outside of work.

One thing you’re forced to do in life is to venture into new skills that could be financially beneficial or can just provide you a sheer outlet from the chaos going on around you. Like I said this blog will be all over the place, but it comes together if you really see it come to fruition. I started to invest a little more energy into podcasting. I was able to learn a lot about how creative I can be in that category. I was jumping into my three major elements (talking wise)  consisting of sports (weekly picks, weekly sports topics, & a sports grab bag), music (new releases & artists under the radar), & my nerd favorite…technology (video games, random gadgets & practically everything in-between). My talk time went from 30-minute minimum to 45 minutes & I got a little more space to talk about more. I will certainly be utilizing it a lot more in 2017. I hit a brief burnout (along with trying to adjust to work). For those who think I’m using excuses, you’re pretty wrong for thinking that. In having a microphone for podcasting, I purchased a computer (Windows desktop) & a webcam to do a little more live-streaming on Twitch. I get a little re-branding done with that, & I’ll be the first to admit that I still have a very long way to go with that. I am working extremely hard on creating & generating my brand in so many words. I am glad that they have a panel @ MAGFest about how to get started on Twitch. I watch a lot of streamers & make mental notes. That’s one of the best ways to master your craft. Next year, I would really like to listen to more podcasts & keep up a more balanced brand. The difference is that I want to listen more, but not follow a bunch of them unless I plan on binge listening to every single one of them. My final skill that has been my sanity balance is THIS…WRITING. I feel like I never write enough. My blog gets its traffic & attention. I have to remind myself to go offline with my thoughts on a more consistent level (aka journaling). I will publicly write about something if I feel it’s a worthwhile public venting session. The problem, however, is that I then leave my journal on the doorstep, & I have these clouded thoughts in my head that I become very regretful of most speaking out about my so-called mental in so many words. One social media point, Facebook (and even Twitter), would place an open-ended question asking you “What’s on your mind?”. The problem is publicly sharing our thoughts, ESPECIALLY when some of us forget that even if you delete something, a screenshot is typically the hanging factor to everything. I will be pushing to work on generating more thoughts & assessing myself a lot more frequently. I plan on doing a monthly assessment PRIVATELY. I have to make my writing matter. My sister (real blood sister) said she felt like I have had something going on & my statuses, pictures, & thoughts show it. The writing was a big part of it. Oddly enough, she’s the introverted writer like me. I’ve broken out of my shell highly, & I don’t regret it whatsoever. Anyways, those are the personal assessments seen in a brief summary.

I almost sat & thought that I addressed the key things that happened in 2016. I forgot I returned to my riding warrior status with Busch Gardens. I got a season pass & there’s been plenty to experience with that. I feel like Sisi & I got our frustration out of our systems with work & practically life in so many words when heading there. She found that to be her chiropractor for a bunch of rides, which is always fun. We learned what we define as “adult Slurpee’s.” I’ll literally leave that to your imagination as to how they work. The cool went to Busch Gardens a few times. That was a true way of learning how to count & battle with this evil thing called MATH. It can be a challenging task at times. I was able to also experience Howl O Scream for the first time, & that actually wasn’t all that bad. Every time I think about BG, one ride that stands out to me is GRIFFON. All you’ll hear me say is that hang (BORDERLINE). You’re literally sitting up there seeing the drop you’re about to go into & it’s an adrenaline rush you won’t forget. Even more, the BEST ride experience is FRONT ROW. That’s what makes the Griffon even more enjoyable. In the case of the Griffon, there are 10 seats in a row, so with two cars in full motion, the line moved (even if you were making that front row wait). One guy was determined he was gonna hold his phone the whole way. I was surprised he was not only able to hold the phone the ride, but he didn’t lose the phone the entire ride. Sisi was too through with him because the entire time he rode, he was speaking Spanish @ literally the speed of the ride. You are merely forced to keep your composure through the whole scenario. I had some pretty fun stories involving Busch Gardens. I got on just about every ride here.

There was a major highlight that happened involving my friends. I was actually put in a position to put a couple of songs together & make these collaborate (better known as DJ’ing). I won’t say it was my best work, but it definitely wasn’t my worst. From what I could tell, everyone enjoyed themselves. I might as well share this since it’s pretty valid to me…I am my worst/hardest critic. It’s not even about perfection. I know I did what I did, but I’m that guy who looks to find specific things all while expecting them to be a specific way. It was a true balance of an imbalance because everyone needed that time to unwind along w/ celebrating quite a bit that has gone on over the years. The team as a whole has improved & plans to improve over the upcoming years. Everyone has made it their goal to improve & enhance their drive. Sometimes our drive has a tendency to fluctuate or practically fizzle out. When it goes that way, you start to learn about the balance of the imbalance (there it is AGAIN!!!!). Most times, the lessons come in very unexpected ways.

Speaking of “unexpected”, a new addiction was introduced thanks to the times spent @ MAGFest. True, we have a “theme song” known as “Ante Up” that is played ANNUALLY!!!! We code our current theme that will be implemented once again this year the “AIRHORN”. They have an app called the “Ham Horn” app that basically makes the sound you hear @ a lot of reggae clubs or in random songs to get you hyped up. I know a lot of you are wondering why is this being added to the “Year In Review” blog. Well, I’m glad you asked. Thanks to Shaq’s  inappropriate yet engaging podcast, he introduced a term called “Borderline”. Earlier in the blog, I use the term not really presenting the full meaning behind it. On Shaq’s podcast, they have a section of the show in which news anchors report stories or things are talked about, but the inappropriate factors are where the term Borderline became a bit of a trend in our cool kid’s group. One of my friends took it to the true level of the sounds of the infamous air horn. I know that was a bit random, but I had to share it, nonetheless.

I really feel like I’ve forgotten about a lot of different things that have happened in 2016. I’ve normally gotten to this point & just poured my soul into this blog. One thing I would like to point out is that 2016 may not have been the greatest year, but the most important part is that you can literally leave it exactly where it currently is…IN THE PAST.

Speaking of the past “as always” (yes I’m keeping count of time of how many times I’ve made the reference), we lost a lot of greats in the music industry along the way. Also, many of us were forced to place people in our pasts knowing if they’re meant to meet our future. Sometimes, our future has a tendency to even scare ourselves. The reason it does is because we have absolutely no idea what’s coming next. What we do know is that once it comes, we’re forced to literally face it as head-on as possible (YET ANOTHER BORDERLINE).

I’ve got a couple of closing thoughts to share, & then I think it’s safe to say that I can place a nice read & back down on 2016. any of these thoughts apply to me personally, but I know many of my readers will value how truthful I am with a lot of what I need to share with the masses. The first thought I need to have available to share is to be mindful of all that’s going on around you. I’ll warn you now that I may get wordy with this paragraph & sections of the blog, but I honestly have to in order to make sure no one misses the message by mistake, when it comes to being mindful of what’s going on, you literally can’t act naive to the obvious as if it isn’t even there. We want to make ourselves willing to acknowledge that which is exactly going on, because if you miss it & it’s too late, then you could sometimes not see that scenario come around. The best example I can give is love & the heartbreak involving love. I’ve been single for a year & despite how hard it tries to become, I’ve luckily been able to pick myself up (or have a friend of mine smack me with reality). I think these wake-up calls are a lot more helpful than we think sometimes. I’ve got how many more of these to do & I’m only on number one? Lazy night of writing, but this is literally me & written ways. I will be one to say that my attitude about various instances that haven’t been the greatest. I’ve been telling this to others, but I’m saying it to myself. I will work much harder on maintaining & keeping my composure all while being & level-headed about circumstances. The most important factor is that even though I may not agree with every instance or scenario, that doesn’t mean I have to jump up & get this sorta angered attitude. It’s not even that scenario. The term I constantly go to in battles & wars. You’ve gotta know when to prepare for battle & when there’s a possibility a war could be coming your way. Wars don’t come as often as battles do. That’s something we forget @ times, but we’re forced & reminded of, even when we hate to accept/own it. We all have people we associate with who may include others that don’t know work with well with our vibes. All circles don’t fit in all spaces. I really did my best to clean that one up. Luckily, I fixed it in my mental time. Nonetheless, start emulating & observing the circles you’ve handled, or which you currently owned/dealt with. You know if they don’t belong to you or if you belong to them. When I was in training, one of the things our current manager stated is that we need to learn how to invest in people. When he said that, it somewhat flew by me. Well, a couple of months & the end of the year later, I fully get it. If you want good things to come from others, you have to know that it will be a sacrifice, but going all in could be the smartest move to impact to impact all parties involved. I’m likely gonna paraphrase what has been said, which is if it wasn’t good in your life, learn how to invest good in those who just may need it. Take time to start picking up people who just need that extra drive in knowing that they’re trying or giving my best. If they’re investing in themselves & you see it, those are the best people to get the proper investment & time from. Time has more value than we think honestly. Remember to be sure to set yourself up for success. Sometimes, we get a thrill behind the failure. This goes into the successful queue. If you’re not working towards good or great, you’ll have some strong rounds ahead. If you’ve requested to read something, READ IT because you could be signing your life over to the devil & your response was “Sure, why not.” Place the outcome in as clear of a picture as possible. When it’s blurry it’s hard to see honestly. This is personal, once again, but could help someone, & that is to work on avoiding unfinished work, better known as drafts. That’s probably why I’m writing this thing on out. We sometimes know that we have the time to do something, but we do other things causing our time management to be a little weary & tested. Looking to leave no drafts in 2017. If the blog or thought can’t be finished, then I’ll wait to do it another time. I’ve got plenty of goals that I want to achieve. Many of them are on this blog already, but some will be exposed here. I would like to “learn how to date again”. And I’m honestly doing so with not just anybody. I am gonna make sure I do things as close to right as possible. I plan to get A+ Certification before the summer of 2017. I’ve put it off long enough & that will stop NOW. I plan to stream, game, & podcast much more next year (well this year since I couldn’t get this posted by midnight). I’ve done those things, but not to their full potential. I will work harder on listening & implementing ideas from others that can possibly help me get to the next level. More than anything, I want to focus more on Bryan in 2017. I’m always concerned about helping everyone else…which then leaves me with not a damn thing. Well, that officially ends NOW. Obviously, my actions have to speak louder than these words on paper, but having this on some piece of paper will help me work on placing more time into me. That includes taking more time off from work, getting my body checked (yes going to the doctor’s office…and I have an appointment scheduled already), & literally making sure I don’t fall apart because feeling like I do is no fair at all. So, all of these things are a couple of my goals & final thoughts I’ve not only taken away from 2016 but plan on being sure to get right with MYSELF in 2017.

Now, for that all important quote for 2017. It should be pretty obvious since I literally just blogged about it (yeah, there’s that cue thing). BUILD, MAINTAIN, & EXPAND YOUR BRAND. Your brand & your image represents you. If you’re not pushing towards more, PUSH! If you feel your drive is missing, TALK ABOUT IT & FIND IT! When you know you have something going on & you don’t take the time to work on it, then you’re literally giving yourself no place to work on or improve that which you know you need to work on. And that is…YOUR BRAND!!!! It truly does start & end with you. This may seem odd for the ending, but that’s all 10 written pages (and nearly some sleep & pop-pop after the “night” I had) of my year in review. If it was too long, my apologies. As stated in the beginning, my plan was to hold NO punches. Until next time, this is BT & if you’re reading, you better WORK ON IT going into 2017. Take care & I’m Audi.

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