Acceptance of Bluetooth

Hey, auxiliary cable users…STOP GETTING HUNG UP ON THE CHANGE!!!! I’m writing this blog because there seems to be this major adjustment involving the lack of the dreaded headphone jack on the newest iPhone 7 & 7 plus phones. Now, what no one is thinking about or factoring in is that the device has a cable that you can plug-in (equivalent to a dongle) to use your headphones that are still holding the silver or gold-plated cables to get those devices properly used. I think that a lot of people don’t understand that most techie sites confirm that it’s not the greatest idea to use your phone while it’s charging, so by utilizing the port that requires the phone to charge, you come out better just leaving it occupied. I  think what scares people from wanting to get into the Bluetooth world is that it’s not cheap to get a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. I will tell you that’s true. Here’s why…stores like Wal-Mart & Five below sell Bluetooth headsets. Now, when you’re thinking of JBL, Skull candy, Sol Republic, & the infamous brand Beats (by Dre for those like me still calling it such) among other brands, people are scared to touch or use these earphones. I think that for the past few years, I realized that going wireless with my listening isn’t the worst idea. The adjustment I’ve seen most people have is that some folks literally forget where their phone when the pairing of the devices are setup. I spoke on the different brands that are out there regarding Bluetooth, & yes many of them are expensive, but I will say something that I share with people all the time…one persons “excitement” may be another person’s “Why did you buy this?”. I think that the investment is worth it in hindsight. I love my power beats. They’re very useful & simple when it comes to listening to music. Plus, they have the ability to work with your working out moments. I am not really sitting here saying that every set will be perfect when it comes to usage, but for its job, in most cases, they work pretty well. I wanted to make sure I got this blog written out because I know that there has been this massive worry & stress about Apple going without the headphone jack. It’s not the end of the world people. It’s still gonna function like any other phone would. My biggest suggestion personally is to avoid buying the Air pods if you don’t have to. They look good, but I need them to bring the price point down to a realistic price. As always, this is BT signing out. Peace.

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