Am I awake? Why yes I am!

I’m always writing & thinking. Since I have a device that helps me with sitting upright AS WELL AS blogging from time to time, then I guess I’ll use both. I’m writing this blog because I am not telling everyone all of my upcoming plans. All I know is that I have to get small things accomplished in order to work on some bigger things that are coming. I was able to draft this blog a couple of days ago, but it obviously wasn’t finished. Thankfully I am working on it now. I am beginning to see that working through and chipping at life is pretty pivotal towards your advancement & betterment. We don’t think about those tangibles sometimes, but that’s just the way it is sometimes. I will apologize by the way. Yes, I do say all the time that this is my blog & I can write whatever I want. However, I don’t like my writing or blogging to feel or seem redundant. I just know that thoughts hit my mind & I have to share them as they’re meant to reach the masses. I feel like one thing I constantly am thinking about is that I mentally skied my potential. That’s thankfully far from the case now, but at one time, I was really pushing myself into a bubble that practically limited my potential, & I have no one to blame for that but myself. I want to say this to anyone reading (especially high schoolers). If you have social media outlets & sources to get your brain and goals off the ground, I would seriously say to go for it. The chances or moments may never come again. Sometimes we forget this. I think that’s why I’m beginning to value the moments that I didn’t take advantage of. It’s obviously in the past now, but I can think back to a few years ago when I was trying to mentally rehab myself, while still trying to tackle the components involving a brand that you are sometimes witnessing without even trying. This is a sidebar, but I realize that I get good writing and venting done in venues like Starbucks, but between re-arranging my facility (as well as starting on this cleaning), I feel like I may finally be able to write from home & just get my thoughts on paper for a change. All I know is that there are nothing but bigger & better things in store. I have been luckily learning to stay focused & positive through everything. Many times, the positive part is the toughest, especially when you can feel or possibly have a negative aura around you. If you’re reading this blog waiting for a point, don’t worry, I’m still looking for it, but I don’t know that it’s still on the way. Just caugh in traffic (insider). Prepare to see some designs coming soon involving that reference. Until next time, BT signing out.

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