3 Years Later?

The first section will be the blog I wrote nearly 3 years ago. Read that to see what I was talking about regarding my plans, goals, dreams, etc. & then midway, you’ll read about the many things that have changed since then. I hope that you enjoy & happy reading.

Employment (3 years ago):

Currently, I’m unemployed. I would like to either get my job back at the hospital as a dispatcher, or even as a patient transporter. If neither of those jobs are available, I will work hard on finding a job that will get me in the hospital so I can utilize the education assistance program there. If I’m unable to get into VCU on the medical side, I will work hard to get a job that will provide a steady income. Possibly, I would be willing to work in the computer field doing a few computer contracts if necessary.

Personal (3 years ago):

My first & most important thing is to get both this misdemeanor & felony off of my record to make this process easier & minimize my my challenges involved with not only the law, but with my life. Going to church has lately been my biggest step, but I don’t want it to be my only step. I would like to be more active in my church, & in doing so, I would like to get back to being more active in the community by doing simple things. These things include more volunteer work in places other than the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club. I want to work with more adults & most importantly the youth. I want to work with youth in opening their mind to reality & what’s really out there. I was doing that at one time, but I really want to get back to it in full force again.

Mainly, I want to take the blame off of others & put it solely on myself. I would like to have my car paid off within this 3 year window. It may take longer, but I don’t want it to be a road block in me finishing school to create my career path.

Also, I’d like to personally get help for this situation based on community service & anger management. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make myself a better person.

I would also like to get a ticket to attend BlizzCon, which requires to get my passport renewed, as well as make proper transitions to improve on the things I’ve done wrong.

Education (3 years ago):

I have inquired about VCU & their Master’s program. Currently, I’m looking at their advanced program, which is pretty quick from what I’ve gathered. I think that it will help me push towards possibly moving if everything comes together.

There are probably multiple things that are missing such as relationship & love and my t-shirt ideas (that’s something I might have to place on hold until I get school completed).

When it comes to dating and relationships, I’m far from ready. I’m willing to make and maintain legitimate friendships. One mistake that I want to work VERY hard on over these 3 years is to not only have a better relationship with God, but a better one with myself. A strong preference when it came to dating was that I would more interested in someone mentally & they mostly bring the physical aspects along the way. The connection was usually natural.

As for my t-shirt project, I would like to design t-shirts with a logo that includes writing, music, & gaming all in one & the message is “Mic Drop”. The message presents that we sometimes have control of the microphone, but there are times when we drop it, & the question then becomes whether we pick it up & continue talking, because someone out there may need to hear the message. It is starting off simple with me just making the message of Mic Drop with the microphone, but I will escalate it further, & include my personal plugs and promotions for brytay82. I just want to mostly get the idea off the ground and going.

I’ve briefly mentioned gaming, but I’d like to expand my knowledge when it comes to hosting possible LAN parties (need equipment for this) & tournaments. I plan on personally trying to get into gaming by getting into learning about Twitch & what components are needed in order to be a better gamer or possible streamer.

These are majority of my plans & processes that I’m working on. As stated, there is probably a lot more, but the smallest steps will help me lead to taking and making even bigger steps. Just need to stay focused & work harder on being a better man & individual for myself & in the eyes of God. God has forgiven me. I need to accept that he’s forgiven & turn the page. This note will stand strong & have a star in my collection of notes I’m keeping. You’d better believe it.


Here we are nearly 3 years later, & I am sitting wondering what has changed since then. I will admit that I have been progressing on many of these tasks & activities. I will do my best to break them down separately. So, to give you the back story…about 3 years ago (May 5, 2014 to be exact), I wrote out my goals & plans that I wanted to have in place 3 years from when the write-up was written. I know I’m a couple of months ahead of myself, but I think it’s still good to update and see what has been completed & those things I still have to work on. As they’re stated above, I will break each one of them down based on the specific titling that I have. I had to open two separate tabs to make sure that I don’t skip or ignore what I have written 3 years ago compared to what has changed. I just hope that my readers enjoy this one.

Employment (3 years later):

I was unemployed & unsure what the future would hold for me. I had some mistakes that I had to mainly get resolved (which I’ve since gotten taken care of). However, I was still in limbo as to what would happen after I was in the process of getting back on my feet. Well, since then, I’ve found a “job” that led to me just taking the chance of having a job of some sort (which I left & got into a slightly similar line of work based on what I’m doing now. The biggest change is that I went from working a job that I viewed as just a job to having a job that is leading and developing into a career. I haven’t worked anywhere or done anything that caused me to think about or process a possibility to get a career-based job or opportunity. I work for a pretty good company (again, I never mention names for branding purposes) & have been there for over 2 years (counting my temp time working in Chester first & then coming back into the city a little closer to home). The funny part is that both sites I worked at were literally about the same distance from my home. You have a tendency to be surprised by what is assumed based on distance or space or however you term it. I have made my choice & don’t regret it one bit. I’m still looking for bigger and better. Just being patient, observant & just letting the pieces come together. That’s the best way to put it. I was offered a position to come back, but I was honest in saying that my worth is nowhere close to what they would try to offer me. I’m direct and honest with mine. Thankfully, I know how to be professional and direct at the same time. So, that’s the transition of the employment category. I’m employed and literally loving it. Wouldn’t regret or change it for the world.

Personal (3 years later):

So I will be transparent with what I’m gonna write in this portion of the blog, because anyone that reads these blogs know that I’m gonna just speak on what’s on my mind and go from there. And yes, that was a massive run-on to start this section. I’m reading over what I wrote, & all I can say is that a lot of things have changed, but worked out for the best. Regarding the charges, I have two misdemeanors on my record, but it looks much better than having a misdemeanor and a felony. I really value the importance of reputation and character. I was really forced to realize the importance and seriousness of how you have to truly be on your P’s & Q’s. For that matter, keep your focus and stability on the full set of the alphabet. I messed up & I realize that. I say this every single time. I can’t personally tell the person that I apologize, but I really feel bad for what I did. I made one of the dumbest decisions back when I did. I have since grown from it, & I think that’s why, from the personal standpoint, I am really taking my time with love. Granted, I’ve spiraled back into someone’s life a while back, but that literally came & went.

I think my biggest thing that I’ve harped on is to work on branding. I have been in “branding mode” since this podcast turned into my baby. It’s been a great baby I’ve seen grow and continue to grow. Having it walk is one thing, but it’s another monster once the reaching and growing comes with the baby. My branding goes beyond my podcast, but since that’s all you hear me talk about, that’s usually all that seems to consume my mental and physical. Believe it or not, I have a few things that I’m pushing to work on. I’ve been taking mental notes involving video games and streaming again. I have the equipment (computer, capture card, webcam, microphone obviously because of the podcast), & now it’s just time to make sure that I put my full effort into podcasting as a whole. I still give effort towards my blog (as you’re seeing in this current reading). I am pushing to speak to someone publicly, because I think that sharing my medial locally is fine, but I want to expand and become more in the loop with the school and talent I have. Obviously I’m just being a sponge and learning as I go.

The end of last year and the early portion of this year, I’ve been a huge stickler when it comes to branding and the maintaining and upkeep of your brand. I have been working hard working on my personal brand as well as my business-based brand. I didn’t think much of the podcast as being a business, but the more that I work on it, the more I begin to realize that it’s my brand and my baby. Yes, I did just mention this in the previous paragraph, but there’s a reason. I didn’t understand the importance of trying to work on small things like I have been doing lately, & how important it is to make sure that I’m considerate of what I’m working on while not just leaving things unfinished or incomplete. For example, when it comes to my blog, I have really been strong when it comes to making sure that I don’t leave any drafts behind. Currently the only draft I have sitting other than this one (and that’s because I was just delayed on life in so many words) is a draft that I’m still trying to figure out how to address. I was supposed to talk about the Generation Gap. The problem is that I feel like I should make it a podcast episode. I’m just gonna take my time with that one (that’s my sidebar conversation I’d usually have on my podcast…back to blogging).

I wrote about attending BlizzCon, but I will look to achieve that once I can get money set aside and fully love and value that type of event. I have been going to MagFest near my home, & the last few years I’ve attended, I have had every bit of fun enjoying every piece of it. The first year, I was just there trying to feel everything out. Last year, I had fun, but I was having to learn the imbalance of being sleep and being awake. I think that attending next year, NAPS will be the winning formula to truly take the trip in full stride. Of course, for me, a nap could literally equate to 20-40 minutes…50 tops. When I talk about taking blame off of other people, I realize that I place that into the accountability factor, which I’ve been able to do much more than previously.

It looks like my Personal portion will consume the majority of this blog, which is fine. The reason why I’m OK with that is because I know that there’s quite a bit to work on, & I’m willing to work on every bit of it. My education was short & included things that would need to be a part of my personal queue. That’s why I’m just letting this section just flow only as I know how.

I’ve worked VERY hard on my weight & health. I’ve been kinda healthy, but I’m not the best when it comes to things I need to eat and ways to keep myself occupied. I’ve been able to write and listen to music with no problem, but I’ve dodged things like walking and keeping some type of a figure. Yes, I said figure, & i don’t care how it sounds.

I may as well address it, but love & I had to take this so-called break/hiatus, & it wasn’t a bad idea in hindsight. I’m letting it come to me. Having interests isn’t even a thought anymore. I just want to love someone that is willing to love, let alone like, me. I’m still working on my relationship with God, & that’s constant. I just think that she’s out there & I have to just wait it out. I found it funny that on my job there were women who would come around and they basically were off the market in so many words (which is fine). It’s a hard place of life to be in when you’re 30+ trying to start over when it comes to love. I recently tried dating, but that wasn’t really a simple task when it consisted of someone who was scared of their own shadow when it came to just general everyday conversation (yeah I’m kinda being a little blunt right now, but it’s just me speaking what’s on my mind). I am far from perfect. However, I want someone who is willing to make simple things flow. That wasn’t the case. Maybe I’m just that picky. Then again, I think I’m picky the way I am because I truly know what I want & I will compromise as needed. I am not expecting a video vixen to fall in my lap. That would be like me sitting and waiting for a perfect job to just knock on my door and say “when would you like to start”. I have just been sitting back & taking notes with relationships and dating as well. I have great female friends who have been very direct and honest with me about things I may be doing right or wrong, forcing me to be accountable and get out my own way as needed. The patience has been the key ingredient. That’s why it hasn’t been as rough for me believe it or not.

I read over what was written & see the t-shirt idea. All I can say is “what a difference 3 years make”. I’m currently looking to get shirts for my friends. We’re actually trying to get 2 separate shirts. One of them represents “Still on the way”. I can’t put the full meaning, because there’s no telling when someone might actually read a blog that I wouldn’t expect to read a blog or whatever. Anyways, there’s that shirt. It’s a possibility of getting a group shirt that will be unique to the crew that I’ve known to be the cool kids. It’s small things that will put it all into perspective. There have been projects being worked on left & right. That’s the best way to put it. I think that I can work on things slowly with time. I know that I’m ready to make things work & just put life together. I talked about the “Mic Drop”. I feel like I wanna do something now where it involves a microphone in general (preferably the retro microphones) & my brand has extremely changed. I’m now working with passpodcast (was initially that other name that we will no longer talk about).

I’ve slowly been streamlining majority of games and streaming sources. I’ve gotten my capture card & worked a little bit with live streaming. I was forced to take a break for good reason. I’m joking. I wasn’t forced, but I have been taught to eat and take heed to my own words. Those are to be sure that I put 100% effort into one thing instead of half stepping on the multiple tasks that I would be working on. I have thought about the LAN parties, but I still need a venue & opportunity to do this. I have luckily gotten linked with a local group that has gaming events (and I try to attend when possible). Most times, I just have life smacking me in ways many people wouldn’t even understand.

Education (3 years later):

I talked about going back to school & taking up grad school. I decided that I’m gonna push to get my certification in A+ with hardware and software. I have been seeing that getting that will be helpful in not leaving as much money on the table as I have. I’m not sitting here saying that I’ve gotten right every single time, but I know that it’s time to work on getting it right while I have the opportunity. I’m glad that I’m writing in this notepad program on my mac, because it’s correcting every rushed and forced mistake I’m making. I love sharing random things like that because I normally would have been quiet and not told anyone what was going on when it came to my writing. I just know that by the end of this year, I HAVE to get my certification, because I put it off between getting a new job at the CO along with just  taking time to get small things around me taken care of.

I’m very appreciative of everyone who read this. Fair warning. This was a VERY long blog, but if you made it this far, I do appreciate you. Until next time, this is BT signing out. Peace.

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