Late Night Rant

I noticed that the last blog I wrote was involving my podcast. Well, I’m proud to announce that the podcast will soon be up and running with it’s own website to share to the masses & make sure the listeners can go back & hear some worthwhile shows. Since a friend of mine brought it to my attention, & I’ve been a bit ranty tonight, I may as well share, because I have a tendency to be pretty transparent and upfront about my thoughts. I was socially talking like I was a 20-22 year old male that was somewhat in the bitter broham stage (yeah I just made that up). That’s a stage I NEVER reach. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m gun-ho in looking for this “love” that I need to really sit back & realize that I already have it, or who knows what it is. I’ve been forced to focus on priorities in my life knowing that there are much bigger things going on around me. I feel like I’ve been so pressed on being with someone, when realizing that loving me is a little more important. I was truly thinking about why I was writing the way I was. It has nothing to do with being lonely. I’m comfortable with being alone and not feeling alone, because I have friends & family to be my support system. I just feel like sometimes, there are these expectations that some females place on men that are just unrealistic. Also, I was schooled on learning how to just be who I am, and have a slight edge. A few years ago, I wrote about the infamous “good man with a side of thug” when I realize that’s not really the case or option that some women are looking for. It was brought to my attention that you’re expected to play the game. However, I don’t feel playing the game. I’m @ this stage where playing games isn’t the best idea in all fairness. Good thing I’m going back & reading over my “draft” (especially since I did a podcast about this today). I am glad I delayed writing this blog, because it’s a serious story. I addressed some of this in my podcast, but it’s relevant to this story. As of late, I’m seeing that I have a way of being able to blend my podcast and my blogging together. It’s just a matter of slowly allowing them to blend on their own. I really feel as though my priorities have to change up a little when it comes to dealing with love or relationships. I’m having to remind myself that being with someone isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Now, of course, I’m saying that, but I do want to eventually find love (or obviously have love find me…which requires LOTS of patience). I had someone the other day tell me that I have to learn how to be patient for the things that I’m pressing or pushing for. I obviously know that it will come with time. I think that I’m truly single for a reason. Questioning it isn’t what I should be doing. What I should be doing is working on my brand more than anything. I’m glad I got back to this blog, because I truly forgot that it existed (drafting fail 101). Many times, we need the right tools and resources in order to survive through the various obstacles that come our way (such as being single). What I want to say is that I will get through the survival of singledom as well as the knowledge behind being a more worthwhile guy for someone. I feel that she will be there for me when possible. I hope that this blog makes sense to someone. I feel like I need to go back and read it…because it almost didn’t make sense when I was reading it. And for the record, I did go back and proofread. My twoulmate (Tashara) & twin (Shaunelle) would be proud. OK, I’m finished here. Thanks for reading. I will be sure to remember to blog since I have kinda turned into a secret podcaster. Just being truthful. Until next time, take it easy.

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