Spreaker Advice…

I know that I might shock a few people with writing this blog on my personal blog, but I will be sharing this story on my podcast page as well because I think someone needs to understand this. I have been a huge spreaker user (uploads, recordings, etc.) for a little over 4 years, & many of my friends who are starting out with podcasting use it as their platform. I know for a fact that there’s Libsyn, Podbean, Blubrry, & Podomatic to name a few other podcast hosting sites. I have personally never used any of these sites because Spreaker has worked for me personally, & I also want it to be clear that I don’t have anything against any of these programs. What I WILL say to my Spreaker users is something that I have had to learn time and time again. If you can avoid doing so, DO NOT UPLOAD DIRECTLY THROUGH SPREAKER DESKTOP APPS. I know what you’re about to say next. But Bryan, it has the feature to directly record through the program & just upload it to my podcast. I agree, but there are PLENTY of things that are missing when you do it this way. The first experience (that I learned today) is that whenever you are attempting to record through the program (when you have your input & output sources), your podcast could gain static interference. This becomes annoying VERY fast. There are some mics that do not have a headphone jack. However, they do give you the ability to plug your headphones into your computer & hear how you sound. This isn’t a part of Spreaker direct uploads, but this is something I tell people all the time. It never hurts to hear how you sound. I personally work in a call center (almost gave the location & that would have caused major problems). Anyways, when you’re sitting in meetings with a manager & are being forced to hear yourself on the phone, the first thought that runs through your head is that you don’t like how you sound on the phone. And I won’t agree with anyone whatsoever…NO ONE LIKES HOW THEY SOUND ON THE PHONE. I know that when you hear it, you learn how to change your tone or approach with others unintentionally. I’m getting a little sidetracked, but if you are gonna use Spreaker, then upload your drafts that are recorded through other programs (Audacity, Audition, GarageBand, etc) to record your voice. The reason I say this ties into my next point…you want to edit and hear your recording while playing it back. When you play back a recording done directly through spreaker (if you chose offline), you can download the file and save it to your computer & then upload it to one of the programs previously mentioned or your personal choice of an editing software, but why do all of that when you can just use the program itself & change things within the recording the way you want to have them recorded. If you said someone’s name & a recording is being done directly within a program, then that makes the recording all the more awkward.

The next reason I want to share why it’s good NOT to record directly with Spreaker is ID3 tagging. The last few weeks, I have finally had my eyes open to the importance of this. For many podcasters, you would have no earthly idea what this is. For those who listen to a lot of music, you may know that there are certain times when you try to enter a song into a program like iTunes or Winamp (hope I didn’t expose anyone’s age), you will see the song say Track 1, Track 2, etc., & there’s no name of the artist, name of the song, etc. Well, the reason for that is that the track is untagged, & needs to have the correct tagging so it can be acknowledged as the correct song. Some programs will automatically tag a song using a genius tool of some sort. I’m sharing all of this with you why? Well, I’m glad you asked (you probably didn’t). If someone is trying to find a podcast you’ve recorded, & there’s no information linked to it, then no one won’t be able to find it as easy as they would if you had the information within the ID3 tagging. It’s some behind the scenes techie talk that I’m probably speaking. If you don’t understand ID3 tagging, then leave Snapchat, IG, & Twitter, & head over to Google to look it up & see what it’s all about.

One other important factor with recording outside of Spreaker is that you can be a little creative and add your own little intro or outro to your podcast and give it a little bit of a pizzazz or flair to stand out amongst other podcasts. You do have the ability to add the sound effects and all into your show using the app, but you don’t have as much control recording directly through Spreaker. Just remember that once you hit record, you had better hope that recording is everything you want and then some.

This then ties into something mentioned earlier. You have the option to play your show back and listen to it in Spreaker. That’s fine, but what about if you don’t like what was said or want to remove a white section. This then refers to my earlier mentioned topic (which I why I had no plans of mentioning this again, but since we’re here) about recording your show and going back and LISTENING TO THE SHOW. Whenever I write these blogs, what makes them good and worth reading is when I go back and find that moment or two to just listen to the show and see what sounds right & what basically sounds like sheer trash.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me to do this, & I state that doing this is the WORST way to podcast. Don’t record your podcast in multiple takes. Meaning, don’t record a section of the podcast and then take a break to record your next topic. Whether you realize it or not, the day of your show, it should take you about 3-10 minutes to prepare and get your final thoughts in the queue for the podcast. That way, you’re not sitting there playing the “what if” & “I almost forgot” part of podcasting

Yes, I know the last few pieces of advice don’t really have anything to do with Spreaker as a program, but they’re general know-how’s that I learned in doing my podcast the way I was doing it. No one is gonna do a podcast right or PERFECT. That’s the LAST thing I’m looking for. I just want it to be so that if you’re working on a podcast, you have a general idea of what you’re trying to work on and what your plans are towards getting a podcast to be the way it is. I didn’t realize until waking up this morning that I left the blog unfinished. I apologize to my readers. That’s not my style or format by a long shot. I hope that everyone enjoyed reading this. Confirmation that I didn’t completely proofread. The first thing I was thinking was that I had lost the end of my podcast when the truth was that I lost my train of thought & didn’t complete where I was going. As always, I appreciate you all for reading. Look forward to any feedback towards this blog or any of my podcasts. It’s the best way to know what is or isn’t working. Thanks for reading, & until next time, this is BT signing out.


Do I Wanna Blog?

For some reason I felt like I truly had something on my mind, causing me to just get into my blog mode, so here we are. I have mentioned this in my podcast, and if you’re not following it, then that can be found here. I know that our prayers and blessings come in very unexpected sources. However when they happen you’re truly put in the place to just accept them for what they’re worth. Anyways, I’m not gonna write much because I hardly blog on my phone. I’m spoiled and need a keyboard. Either I’ll finish this blog or just let this be the tell all and be all of my thoughts. As always, this is BT signing out.

A Blank Workflowy Document

As many of my friends know, I’m used to writing a blog or two after hours, & these are usually the times when my brain is in major overflow. Guess there’s no need being surprised by outcomes like these when they happen right. So, what does Bryan decide to do? Put on his gaming glasses, turn on the Mostly Classical playlist on Radio Tunes (yeah I still have a free streaming service that works for my pocket), & just let the thoughts roll where they may. This weekend, I witnessed a pair of my friends (one I’ve known for years & the other who I met through my long-time friend and realized how musically and open-minded we are with life) get married. It was a holy matrimony like no other. I feel like an experience like this intertwined into thinking of how much planning I have done, & how much planning I should be doing for my future, my dream, my brand, & literally my life.

Enter this nifty app I was introduced to thanks to Martine Ellis (my other Podcast/social media connection…I’ll always love my Ashley, & I know she’s working on her brand for the month of July). However, I went to Martine Ellis’ page & found some VERY reliable resources for podcasting, blogging, social media, & ways to simplify posting podcasts (didn’t realize how well Google Docs, WordPress, & my podcast page could play together). Anyways, I found out about various apps and programs thanks to her tips for starting up or getting your podcast off the ground the way you want it. So I have been able to realize that one of my biggest obstacles is organization. I think the toughest part of this is when you have to think that multitasking and doing a bunch of things at one time is the right way to do things. Well, you’re wrong. Multitasking causes us to do one of the worst things possible when it comes to achieving tasks & activities…place 10% into 10 different activities instead of putting 100% into one activity. Our mind thinks that we’re doing a bunch of things and actually achieving those tasks when in reality, all we’re doing is giving those 10 tasks our minimal attention instead of our undivided attention. Right now, while writing this blog, I’m listening to classical music. The difference, however, is that I am playing the music solely for background noise so I don’t have the room be quiet while I’m writing & practically write myself into a stress ball of some sort. As I mentioned earlier, Martine has an eBook available that I think everyone should try if you want to declutter your mental stress a little. It’s called “Getting Stuff Done”. What I like is that it implements many of the ideas mentioned by David Allen. I have a feeling that at some point, I will have to read and give this book a whirl. Of course, that will happen on its own time. It’s likely to be a useful resource, but not at this time.

So I’ve been reading this eBook & have found quite a few useful resources of apps that I use on a daily basis already, but there are a few that I think could possibly help me out. Enter Workflowy (yes that’s the name of the app). I know that many of you may read this & wonder what is it and how does it help. Well, it’s a way to organize your brain’s thoughts in a simplified manner using an app to go over the things that you are working on and things you need to work on. So far, I’ve used the app for about a couple of hours, & I must say that it’s exposed something that I’m proud to admit…I’m mentally cluttered when it comes to what I’m trying to work on. If anyone were to read and look over my Evernote notes that I leave myself, you’ll see that they’re definitely all over the place in more ways than a few. I can see that the obvious suggestion or recommendation is that there’s a lot of work to do. I looked at my Workflowy and realized that I don’t have a clue of what to place where within my flowchart. It’s somewhat like an outline of your life. And so far, my life has more questions than solid answers. The best part is that I’m working on it & truly gonna learn from those who have used the app & see how it can help me towards what I’m working on. I’m truly making it my goal to get this organization process down to a science. I know that right now, it’s not only for me but for those around me. I think that helping everyone has always been my main priority, & I sadly have nothing to show for it, & I’m beginning to feel every bit of it. Of course, that’s still a work in progress.

This is the one place where I get to be wordy, but I will admit in my closing that Workflowy is not a place to be wordy, which I love. You want to give simple/minimal tasks for the sake of my activities that I need to work. That way, I’m not running all over the place trying to figure things out that I should kinda have a general idea as to what I should or shouldn’t be working on. Will my Worklowy be finished anytime soon? Probably not. Will there be more options than the 9 or 10 I have on there now? I feel that’s possible. You just may wanna stay tuned & just understand that if you see my tablet, I’m either blogging, Evernoting (yeah I made up that word), or my personal fave…Workflowying (words with friends is loving me right now). Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed reading this, & my truest piece of advice…do and work on what suits you. Everyone’s way of achieving results, but if you’re not doing anything and getting nothing done, then that might be a sign that there are soeme major changes worth making. Until next time, this is BT signing out. Peace.

Over Explaining…

So I’ll admit that I am guilty of explaining things in a very detail-oriented manner. You could ask me a simple question such as “how long did it take you to get to work”, & I would go into detail about the accidents I ran into on the way to work, & how many stops I had to make for food or gas, or anything else, but I wouldn’t give you the answer of “14 minutes”. I sit & wonder what has started that. In some circumstances, I feel like I have to break down things to people who aren’t able to get something basic where you have to truly give someone an extremely complex way of sharing something as simple as “I can’t do this for you”, when half of the time, these people may not even deserve that explanation or detailed breakdown. As the title says, it’s a form of over-explaining. This then ties into my next question…can you over-communicate towards someone? I will admit that it is really possible. The reason I say this is because you can give way more information than someone is asking for. Many times, like the TV show used to say…JUST THE FACTS!!!!! Most of us don’t really want or need any foreplay. We just need what we need from the conversation & are basically looking to keep it moving in so many words. I am truly working harder and harder to improve on my dialect and approach towards addressing things with people. I won’t call it an excuse, but part of why I have a tendency to do a lot of explaining to people is because in my line of work, I’m finding myself trying to find multiple ways or avenues to address various topics or issues as they come across my thought process. A huge amount of the factor is that I expect others to understand where I’m truly coming from, & it’s very few times I can achieve that. I feel bad that I’m placing this expectation knowing that everyone thinks and sees different. A few days ago, I had someone ask me a VERY simple question, which segwayed into a LENGTHY story that shouldn’t have even gotten to the point that it did. I am about to just simplify my thought process. Until then, however, I am gonna keep working on my presentation and approach to people, their antics, their ways, & most of all, that so-called sanity that I run into as a unique stint of a battle. 

Hope everyone enjoyed reading this blog. I definitely am a little unorganized and random with this, but if your want or prefer organization, then definitely check out my podcast page Here. You might enjoy it. As always, this is BT signing out. Peace.