Moving On…

The hardest thing to do is move on. Many times, we wonder why we hold on to someone or something (similar to the security blanket of Linus). In most cases, holding on to that something or someone hurts us more than it does to let go. What’s even worse is that once we let them go, we feel much more relieved and stress-free from all that has gone on. I am to the point that I will NEVER tell anyone who to and not to be friends with. I kinda was in the middle of a friendship conflict that consisted of this, but I have to make the best decision for myself. The old me would have tried to over-analyze the whole thing. I think I’m good w/ the choice because if I keep on having these occurrences of foolishness happen, there will be no growth or improvement, & the last thing I need is a lacking of either of those qualities. Many times, we don’t realize how much we mean to ourselves, & the mere fact that pleasing or making other people happy is the wrong decision.

This is somewhat of a simple blog, but it’s a bit of an add-on towards a podcast posted today at my podcast page. I think that there is a little more jumping around and beating around the bush in that presentation, but the truth of the matter is that in order to grow, you have to be willing & ready to move on. For some reason, moving on and progressing has a tendency to scare us. We don’t realize the extent that it scares us. That’s what I think it’s important with trying to prepare and move into a future. If you are stuck in your past, you will never reach your future. I think that should be a bumper sticker. Might have to invest in that one.


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