Before Snapchat & Instagram…

Hello to all of my conversational friends who were good with their words. It’s a unique communication specialist here to talk to those of you who know how to converse without using an emoji or a gift to be subliminal in a thought towards someone. Oh, & let’s not forget about those quotationships and relationship killah’s we find online that are telling us how we should supposedly live and love another person. I can think back to when people weren’t as overly sharing of life due to having to put it on Instagram or Snapchat. Now, for the record, I am not saying there’s anything wrong with posting from time to time on social media, OR (in the case of what I did last night), posting multiple videos or pictures from your night to let others know you had a good time. I can think back to over 10 years ago when it was a big deal of who was in your top 16 & why everyone had Tom as a friend on MySpace. Of course, MySpace has turned into a musical resource, which was expected based on the way it drastically grew. I know that every moment or situation is different, but what I truly want to say is that Snapchat & Instagram have turned us into sharing what we are eating and where we have been to the masses. Sometimes, we want that interaction & at times, I can go along with it. However, some people Snap or Instagram EVERYTHING. Sometimes, there are more people who are posting or sharing more thoughts that aren’t even their own because these social media’s cause you to get away with being less original. I know that when I think about my personal Instagram, there are VERY few pictures or images of me or what’s going on with ME. Sometimes, I’m posting more stuff from thoughts or motivation. When I first started using Instagram on my Android, I was looking for the text programs that could let me share quotes and inspiration. I feel like social media has turned us crazy a little. Snapchat is 10 seconds of whatever has happened that you have 24 hours to hope you saw it. And then you’re going around telling your friends “did you see my snap”. Snapchat has it’s perks because it’s quick, but when you have a very “snappy” person (probably the worst reference) who is posting like a bunch of little videos that is just redundant. Then I would have those friends who wanted to show the same videos every couple of days. I get that you saved it, but that save was for yourself. Instagram is the undercover subliminal way of some people saying they need help. I’ll admit that the selfies some people take are INTENSE. And that’s a compliment. For the record, I’m not gonna knock either, because I know I posted multiple videos while I was in Maryland for Magfest earlier this year. Instagram is my quote queue. Might as well be real and upfront about it. That’s one thing that I think I’m trying to make a point about. Sometimes, we make our lives look so glamorous and extravagant on social media sources like Instagram & Snapchat, but we also find ourselves being very honest with people in telling how much we hurt or need help or a hug of some sort. We just don’t say those exact words. I know that everyone has to find their proper way to communicate with others, but social media isn’t always the best way to do so. Especially when not everyone is gonna invest that energy in looking at your Instagram to see what you wore last night when going out, or who went to this place you went to that was tagged & you don’t feel like telling the story over again. It’s called communication and telling people what you did. It won’t hurt you if you share with others what you were or weren’t doing verbally.

So many of my readers who check out my blogs are probably wondering why I would write a blog like this & I use BOTH of these social media programs (well I closed my Snapchat a few months ago)? Well, if you think of what life was like when we actually shared pictures with people and actually interacted with people by telling them what actually happened when going somewhere, it’s a lot better than someone spending their whole day posting every single moment that’s happened play by play. These are two social media sources that have given us a true reason of not having to talk to people the way that people used to normally talk to each other. I don’t knock either of them whatsoever, because I would post a lot of Instagram videos and Snapchat pictures of videos. The intriguing factor is that they’re both the same, but not everyone believes that when you tell ’em that. Just something to think about. When you’re posting every single moment of your life, don’t forget to unhide those bad times that happen as well, because that then shows us that you’re human, which can sometimes scare other people…let alone ourselves. As always this is BT signing out. Take it easy.