To all of my bloggers starting out…

I love when someone is starting blogging for the first time. This also could help anyone who has been blogging for a quite some time.

So, you’ve decided to start a blog. Maybe because you believe there’s something you like to do, because you think it’s cool, or because you want to reach more people for a certain project. These are five things you should do before you start blogging:

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Mental Update

Sometimes, I like to do little check-ins on my personal definition of my mental state, & how I consider myself “feeling”. I’m not in the happiest of places, but I’m also not sad. I think that more than anything, I’m grateful & thankful. We sometimes have this analogy or idea in our head that we want everything around us to be perfect.

Jumping into my written by hand blog…I normally write about or talk about the most unfiltered & random thoughts on my mind. Well, over the past few weeks, I will come clean by saying that my mental space has been far from stable. There are a bunch of things that I have to get achieved, & the only one capable of getting them done is me. There’s no pretty way of putting it. I am blogging about this because I have been going through my fair share of motions with life, but thankfully I’m STILL standing. The changes (not challenges) have been all a part of the reason to be alive. Yesterday, I can truly confirm that I hit my mental wall & I had no clue how to deal with it. I was mainly forced to accept life as it comes. There were no negative pieces to the puzzle. I just think that I had ran into my mental rut, & was forced to get out of my little attitude phase of life. Luckily today, I’ve got a better peace of mind (despite this being a few days later…I’ve broken that mental space) & much more calm attitude.

I’ll go ahead & explain my true reason behind writing this blog. There are truly going to be days that everything won’t be rainbows & sunshine. I know that I have a tendency to try to be positive and make it like everything’s OK, but in reality, I hit my personal brick walls from time to time. I know that when I talk to other friends and they can tell that I have a lot on my plate, they won’t necessarily take anything off for me or show pity. However, they’ll put me in my place when I have my “take my ball home and run” mentality. As much as we would like to have different pieces come together, it sometimes just doesn’t come together like that. Even worse is when something happens, & you truly have no plan of it coming together, & then suddenly that obstacle comes together, & you know you’ve got to progress ahead of the challenge (and there’s my random run-on sentence). I have caused this headspace blog to draft & linger a little longer than I would normally allow, but I truly believe that there’s a reason behind the process. For some strange reason, when you are on the verge of having a form of life come together, there’s this little minor negative wall that tries to build itself without knowing it.

For my blog readers (who don’t follow me via social media), you wouldn’t know half of the stories that I personally acounter. The funny part about it is that nothing I’m going through is life-threatening. What may seem weight-bearing on our souls or hearts isn’t as bad as we think it is. I find myself saying this many times, & it still applies in this case…the pieces find themselves & somehow come together.

If you made it this far, I appreciate you reading. I know that I’ll get through this. I am gonna do nothing but grow and improve. Thanks for bearing with me through the process and the transition. I’m just gonna grow, build, & continue to success. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

The FGC (Fighting Game Community) & why it’s passed over…

Smash Bros. Melee, Street Fighter 5, Mortal Kombat XL (yeah you’re in this too), Capcom vs. Marvel: Infinite, Injustice…I AM CALLING YOU ALL OUT!!!!! I think that it’s safe to say that anyone from the gaming community knows about the major gaming events (CEO, EVO, Next Level Gaming, Level Up Gaming, SCR, etc). However, what about those local tournaments that happen in those small cities. I wanna know from the major gaming grinds, how are the smaller tournaments or local tournaments that are going on able to get their exposure beyond word of mouth? I know here where I live there’s a lot of promotion thanks to Anvil Smash. One place that hosts a lot of tournaments is “The Forge“. They have various tournaments going on there & are doing their part in getting tweets and posts out there. I think one of the biggest things that helps

I think one of the biggest things that help is by doing your best to promote from within and networking with those bigger companies. I think that attending tournaments and letting people know “hey check out ____, we have tournaments going on ____, ____, & ____”. Things like that. I know that marketing and networking is something I’m pushing to improve on over the next few months because I was slipping in that department. Now, I’m pushing to let others know what I’m working on or planning. It’s almost like building a brand within a brand. I know that the only way my podcast will get the exposure that I’m looking for, I have to go that extra mile to let others know that I’m a podcaster & here’s what I talk about. It’s caused me to be much more vocal about it than I would have been years ago. Sometimes, the change happens when we don’t expect it to. That’s what I feel is the case with getting those small events out there. When you’re there, do a check-in and let others know you’re streaming or where the tournament is going on. I also feel that it helps when those big companies can come check the local or small events. A place such as Gamestop or any gaming facility hosting a tournament helps out a lot. You don’t have to have food and drinks. Just good people and a good time is usually the formula for successful SMALL tournaments. Getting it known beyond your local area is sometimes challenging, but you have to know that it takes time to build. I know that at one time, EVO was nowhere near close to what it is now. That’s how I look at it. I know that I have a tendency to try to find that bright cloud of some sort, but that’s normally my task or goal in most instances. Anyways, I know that this was a bit of a different blog, but it’s just my request towards getting those smaller tournaments aware to the big folks. And big tournaments, the little companies aren’t planning this massive attack towards you all, but we at least want to have a small piece of what you have. That’s normally the biggest and most important request. I hope everyone enjoyed reading. Until next time, this is BT signing out.

For You I Will

When you read or see that title, you think of the song by Monica called “For You, I Will”. At the end of the blog, you’ll see the video & get an opportunity to take in a bit of nostalgia.  Anyways, I know some of you are thinking “Why is he writing a blog about a song from the 90s”? Well, I’m glad you asked. The reason this song reached my mental queue is that an image circulated from when I was 16 years old and participated in a mock wedding that promoted abstinence. Before anyone gets up in arms, NO Bryan didn’t literally get married. I would love to find true love. Anyways, I’ll give the back story behind the image being shared, & what caused me to get married.

A couple of days ago, one of the staff members from the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club (a huge part of my growth and personal brand) had a couple of lost files, & decided to share a couple of pictures online, & the first one that I saw was of me in a tuxedo married to a best friend of mine from the Boys & Girls Club. For some reason, there was this distinction that we didn’t talk to each other or acquaint with each other. The truth is that I had an opportunity to grow with a friend despite the fact that we went to two different schools and had our paths be apart but close (and I’ll explain why). As I mentioned, I will give the backstory in a few. So, I shared the picture because I can remember nearly a decade ago when she passed, & her mother knew that I took it tough, because it was VERY unexpected. As many of my friends know, I speak out about domestic violence (yes it’s a weird way that I go about it, but it comes together…don’t ask me how, but it does). Well, she was literally a part of what is known as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I won’t give the full details of what happened because that’s not how I function. Regardless, anytime I see pictures of her, it’s tough that there has been no closure or completeness behind what happened, & I personally am not fond of that.

Now, to get to why I was dressed in a white tuxedo getting married. Well, I was a part of the first wedding for a way to promote abstinence called “For You, I Will”. What happened was that everyone had to write an essay as to their thoughts related to sex and abstaining from it. The man and woman who had the best essay became groom and bride, & then those who had next best and so on and so forth participated in the wedding. I don’t care what anyone says, but I feel like the wedding as a whole brought quite a bit of unity amongst those who participated. I personally may not talk to each person that was a part of it, but I can tell you that I know all that’s going on.

And now, the reason I wanted to share this. As mentioned, a lot of people didn’t know that I got married. Well, technically, I was married for a few minutes. After the wedding (yes it was mock), we were no longer married, but the truth is that we were and remained close friends up until the incident happened (and for cordial purposes, I won’t go into full detail about that). What I WILL say is that violence is not the answer. Regardless of who or what you’re trying to go after, there are sometimes people who become a part of a situation that shouldn’t even be in the midst of it, to begin with. That’s the most cordial way I can put it. I’m not married and haven’t found Mrs. Right or “Player 2”. I’m just trying to work on my personal brand and future growth in so many words. That’s the best way to put it. Now that we’ve gotten past that, I hope everyone enjoys the day.

Becoming an Investor

I have been setting a little bit of money aside for a supposed “nest egg”. I haven’t been using it wisely because of every so often I act as though I have to run to it like an anonymous wishing well, knowing that the more I pull it, the less it benefits me in the long haul. If that didn’t sound as inappropriate or borderline, then I don’t know what does. Anyways, my biggest point of emphasis these past few hours (aka this morning) is a way to get some income without acting like I have to rob Peter to pay Paul. When you hear that analogy or theory as a kid, you don’t really get it. Then when you’re old enough and are placed in the position of “adulting” & “handling bills”, you’re forced to find every avenue and option of how to handle your money. So I will share that I’ve been doing a little bit of investing. I’ve just been on step one…placing the money into the account (or rather having an automatic transfer occur ever so often). Well, today, I took the biggest step, which is to find stocks to actually invest in. Now, I can’t really show my hand, because I need to have more money in the accounts to really see what I’m able to push for in buying. Obviously, the bigwigs like Apple, Amazon, & Facebook aren’t on my radar, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t at least attempt to go for the smaller investments. I feel like researching and learning what’s out there worth going after is leading my steps in the right direction. A couple of months ago, I was terrified of looking at my bills and my late credit cards. Now, I have only used ONE credit card & made it my goal to make sure to pay off the balance when using that card. There’s still one credit-based task I have, & I have been quietly working on that as well. I feel like this…every single thing that you’re doing doesn’t have to be shared, & it took me THIRTY-FIVE years to realize this. I may not give every single piece of my master plan, but the wheels are ALWAYS in motion. I’m not writing this blog looking for any responses or pity or sorrow. I just wanted to write something. I also wanted to apologize for those who were keeping up with the September Writing challenge. I truly wrote as best as I could, but I will definitely push to work harder on that in future writing challenges. I will leave you all here. As always, this is BT signing out.