The Generation Gap (pt. 1 BT style)

I’ve had a bit of a delay in working on this specific blog, but I feel like I need to upgrade my draft to an actual blog (and here we are). Might as well make things happen & literally knock it out. I didn’t know how to find the best ways to compare specific generations, but then I thought about a reference that Cam Newton, Tom Brady, & Colin Cowherd all combine into this. So, if you do or don’t understand sports, you may know more than anything that Tom Brady played in the NFL in 2000. For many of you who are curious about my age, that was the year I graduated high school. What’s insane is that @ that time, technology wasn’t even close to taking over our lives the way it does today. Kids today really would have been hurt by the idea of imaginations or generating dreams, mentally. You’re forced to sometimes sit back & really look @ the big picture. Colin Cowherd said it best. A quarterback from 2000 compared to a quarterback drafted to the NFL in 2011, there’s going to be a HUGE generation gap & cultural gap that’s not seen immediately. I remember a friend of mine talking about how you would have an MP3 player & a cellular phone separately. Here it is now that you can talk to someone on the phone, surf the Internet, & even play music or even send text messages, all @ one time. The truth is that there are major generation transitions of people. The challenge that is surpassed is how one generation deals with something compared to another generation. The most immediate example I can think of involves communication. People who are in their late 20s and 30s & obviously 40s communicate by actually sitting down & talking to each other when there’s something they truly need to address. Granted, we will utilize our resources such as text messaging, Facebook messenger, or various chat programs that are available. However, if there is something SERIOUS  we need to address, we don’t have a problem with taking our conversation to either a phone call or a face to face conversation. I think that many of the younger kids are seen to talk to each other through text message ONLY. I have witnessed it first hand where a group of kids could be sitting together & nobody will actually talk to each other. Instead, they will all text each other & oddly talk about someone else in the midst of that circle without the other person knowing it. Granted, kids will utilize group chats to their max potential, but it’s still not the best way to talk to someone. What’s going to hurt a lot of them is that they can read and talk emoji, but can’t speak ENGLISH & actually talk to someone who could possibly do an interview with them. I feel like kids now are able to be given the tools for success, but they don’t see or get it until it’s too late. What’s interesting is how you can help or try to tell kids something & they think you’re trying to mess with their style or something when all you’re trying to do is educate them on the things you did wrong in order to learn from the mistakes. What’s amazing is that the same thing happens with the generation before us. I think about my mother telling me a bunch of things that I didn’t pay attention to, but I am also trying to help other people know what I did wrong in order to improve on those specific things I did wrong. It’s not even about this whole ” I know everything” analogy because I feel like regardless of age, you never stop learning. That’s how I see it at least.

Now for the title of “Generation Gap”. I briefly addressed based on a couple of athletes being drafted in 11 years apart, but not being able to know or understand what someone is or isn’t going through. Then I also addressed how history repeats itself between generations. However, the “gap” between the older generation and the younger generations who are trying to keep the older individuals up to speed. I personally have to deal with this between my parents & even my siblings. Before you ask, yes, this is another “layer lowering” blog of sharing who & how I am. What I want to say is that it’s one of the biggest challenges of trying to talk to someone about what you are or aren’t going through and how you are able to get through various things. The challenge therein lies towards being able to utilize communication and relation. This may require both sides to bend a little. This may mean that the child could possibly have to take a second or two and put that phone down and listen to a message. The older individual may have to have the child turn the phone down or place it on the table. Challenge people. I think what’s scary & tough is that nobody wants to push or make someone do something outside of their comfort zone. That’s what I’ve seen at least. We sometimes get into our comfort zone & don’t want to do anything more than we’re required to. When we are pushed to our max (doesn’t matter the generation) we get scared or uncomfortable. What people as a whole fail to realize is that you can sometimes reverse something small that another person may look at as the worst thing possible. Adults, I’m not saying that you need to run out and talk text and start sending emojis (please don’t do that…our generation has that mostly covered). Instead, take that moment or two to just sit and relate to the younger generation. They’re not bad kids. I really feel like this will be a podcast-based topic that I think would help to have a wave of generations to simplify the conversation. That would ease & put it more into perspective. No one is saying that you’ll get every portion or piece of it right. That’s something that I learned when growing up while attending the Boys & Girls Club. The staff did take that time to learn and understand where a child was mostly coming from. It caused a true ease of pain. That’s at least the way I see it.

After sitting & going over the full story, I’m gonna write this blog & leave it from the “BT point of view”, but then I will go ahead & break it down based on the difference between various generations (could possibly turn into a podcast) & come back to you, because this is an unfinished thought & I wanna be sure that I don’t leave this blog unsurfaced, because it is an issue that no one is willing to take on, but someone has to get to the bottom of why there are conflicts and distances between generations. I think if any of y’all know me, it’s that I make it my goal to be fair & balanced across the board with my thoughts in some manner. That’s the way it has to go sometimes. I think my next blog will be the one that might shock a couple of people, because I’ve addressed relationships, but I have yet to address the big question…WHERE IS SHE? WHY AM I NOT MARRIED? I’m gonna have fun with that one. I just hope that I don’t hurt or tear some feelings up on that one. All I can say is that I have control over the truth, but I don’t have control over my filter and how random my thoughts may go with that blog. Until next time, BT signing out.

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