Losing Friends & Family

I may have blogged or talked about this before, but I will kinda get into this topic while it’s personal and heavy on my heart. I have friends who are practically like my own family. I was initially planning to do a podcast about this, but I didn’t really implement it into the show. The story was about grieving. Sometimes, people are unable to know how to deal with losing someone close to them, especially when it’s highly unexpected. A few of my friends have lost family members who are close to them, & in some instances, I have know some of those people through personal interactions. I think the toughest part of the circle of life is when you lose someone, especially when they’re close to you. I truly sit and think to myself that I truly pray for those who have lost someone close to them. Dear God, I know that you are there as they’re dealing with the hurt, but you’re also there with them after the hurt goes down. It’s never an easy process to lose someone close to you. Thankfully God, you are helping them get through things the best way possible. Just offer your loving prayerful spirit over those who have lost someone from natural causes or tragedy or however those losses have occurred. You are able to get us through some of the worst and toughest times, and we’re put in a position to just do our best to handle what life brings to us. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to come close to where we are. Please watch over us and know that we can’t handle this fight on our own. These things I ask in your name. Amen.

I can say with an honest approach that losing someone near and dear to you is much tougher than you realize. You truly don’t know whether to console someone or just give them their space. You aren’t sure whether to reach out or just wait for them to reach out to you. I know I’m guilty of checking in to make sure someone is OK (even when they tell me they’re not). I will say something & I want this to be transparently heard…I can usually read when someone’s depression or frustration hits. Usually, it’s something positive that helps someone get out of their personal headspace. One of the key components is that you have to let people go through their motions accordingly. My biggest and strongest piece of advice is to not go through the fight alone.

I am gonna make sure that I be the best Bryan I can be to those who need to know that losing someone can hurt, & will hurt. However, going through the hurt alone is the most challenging thing to do, but by instinct, it’s the safest & easiest way for some of us in most cases. Keep in mind, this is coming from someone who STILL hasn’t adjusted to losing his sister due to domestic violence and another sister due to medical issues that were literally out of my hand. I hope everyone enjoyed reading this, & those who I personally know that have lost loved ones or feel alone, remember that BT will do his best to be there in whatever way possible. Until next time, take care & BT signing out.

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