Everything is Fine

I think thanks to listening to an album along with me seeing how my life has been coming together the last few days, I really wanna believe that everything is fine. The truth is that I’m truly feeling useless at times. I don’t wanna feel labeled, but I also feel like as an unemployed individual with a past, I have to carry myself into new things with a different attitude. It’s almost like I have to show my hand without acknowledging what’s going on. It shouldn’t be that way, but it has been, & I’ve been doing my best to keep my head level through things. So the question really becomes if everything is fine?

I talked to my mother today (at the time of this blog) & she asked if I was OK. I truly told her that I have my days. I will say that getting out of the house & sometimes getting out of my personal head space helps out a lot. I know that’s only a small way of getting things done, but we obviously gotta start somewhere, right? I sometimes forget how blessed I am & how “alright” or “fine” I really am. I know that many times, we hate hearing that we’re blessed or feeling that we’re blessed. The truth is that we have it better than we think sometimes. Pieces of our lives come together even when don’t feel like it’s completely coming together. You have to truly accept what happens in your life & along the way. Just my personal input. Hope everyone enjoys their week. Take care.

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