Meeting Your Match

Writing this is something that I will say openheartedly is going to open me up to a truth about myself that I would have never thought I’d witness. I know that many times, I write blogs related to relationships, love, or my struggles with being single.

I had a conversation with someone today that I NEVER thought I’d expect to hear from. Obviously, this blog will be written well after that interaction, but I was given a reminder of some true insight…despite what I saw in that person, the compatibility along with understanding of me and who I am or what I like to do would not have kept us in the same boat or within the same radar of each other. I almost gave a hint, but I will just let that conversation remain in the archive as I continue this blog.

Seeing myself at the age of 35, I would have never thought I would have as great of friends as I do for starters. Trust me when I say that I love the place that I’m in with having good people around who are highly supportive & proud to see you grow as well as you are open to seeing their growth. There aren’t many friendships that have that kinda bond or connection. Thankfully, I have a core group. Next, my family has been as transparent in coming to me to tell me about myself, even when I don’t want to hear or accept it. Sometimes, I get frustrated about things shared, but I truly know that it’s coming from a good place. My spiritual building has been key to this process of dating or the involvement of meeting someone, & I have been forced to get a bit of a reality check when noticing how doing things my way have never worked in my favor.

Now for the good stuff…how my search WILL change. For me personally, I know that my biggest pieces of me are the big three…music, video games, & tech. Obviously, these tie into what many people know as my “other” brand, aka “thePASS” or the podcast about sports N stuff. And no, I’m not using this as a platform for the podcast, but if it’s working, let me know. I truly feel like whoever I become involved with would have to be prepared to be involved with someone who has a very creative life, as well as a balanced life. I will love and be committed or involved with my partner. That’s the least of it. If I say that I’m recording a podcast, you need to know that I’m really recording a podcast. I know that sometimes, people say they’re doing something & really aren’t doing it. With me, I think that acceptance of who I am and what I do is just all I ask for. I will accept when you say you’re out with your girls, or my personal favorite…I’m meeting up with a male friend of mine. Many times, people really miss that platonic friendships exist. They’re the best ones out there. I think that’s why my female friends who are truly my friends have been nothing but a true support system that I value more than others realize.

Anyways, I will leave this thought here, & hope that everyone who is reading will know that whoever she is, or wherever she is, I’m just a guy living an ordinary life with a bit of an extraordinary routine that balances things out. Oh, and to set the record straight, I normally make it my goal to be sure that whichever female that I’m involved with gets the best of me, & not some second fiddle or something along those lines. Anyways, thanks for reading, & as always, continue supporting, because I’m here building right along with you. Take it easy.

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