Where Is The Man…

I know that I’m writing more blogs to delay the blog that I truly wanna share, but this has crossed my mind, & I wanna share my thoughts. Many women wanna know where’s the man who will do this or why won’t mean do this. Well, the answer is that communication is a key part of it. No one out here is gonna know what you’re looking for if it isn’t shared. Most women know they want a man who is…but he can’t be…you get the picture. This then leads to the key point…are you truly in an understanding of what you’re looking for? For instance, if you want a man who will take you on dates, the first question is why do you want him to take you on dates? Also, if he offers a place to go on a date, would it even be somewhere you’re interested in going? Many times, we (men & women) want little things, but we don’t really look for those little things & get engulfed by the bigger picture that isn’t even on our radar or in our immediate window.

Ladies, if you are looking to find someone that would be of interest, be sure the interest is mutual. Also, if you’re ONLY looking for a date, then make it clear. Also, no one will date you on social media. If you’re wanting to be proposed or talked to outside of that platform, then others won’t know. Most importantly, there’s a difference between venting and sounding like “Whoa is me, I can’t get no man to take me on a date”.

Fellas, if you wanna be a good man, take a woman on a date that’s WILLING to be taken on a date. Sometimes, you will learn that some women will “claim” to have the interest, but they just wanna play the chase. Ladies & gentlemen, I’m here to tell you that no one feels like sitting and playing the game. There’s nothing fun about playing or being part of the game whatsoever. That’s something you do when you’re a kid. After you’ve been out of school for over 15 years, you want someone who is likely gonna be serious, & if more is on the table, then it will happen. That’s truly just how I see it.

I know that sometimes my blogs are normally triggered by the most random posts on social media or just something that I’ve wanted to talk about, & just wasn’t sure to talk about. Nonetheless, it leads us, & I just wanna keep sharing great blogs with my readers. As always, enjoy the reads & continue to keep reading.

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