Many of my friends have always known me to be a gamer. A lot of my friends also know that the original Nintendo was a system that stayed near and dear to me. With that being said, one of my favorite games is Tetris. My roommate even bought me a lamp made out of Nintendo pieces (that I wanna setup, but don’t know where to put it currently). On my Facebook, I made this change, but it’s coming to my Twitter soon…I change my cover photo & profile picture to Tetris pieces and the Tetris logo. The last time I did this, I knew that I was about to start my jail sentence back in 2014 when I was dumb & got in trouble. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, then read Domestic Violence & you’ll get a better understanding of what caused me to realize that doing this is helpful. I will come clean & share with everyone reading this that I’m far from perfect. However, I am trying to work on me much heavier. I have finally created a vision board along with a vision push pin board. It’s the motivation I need to know that I got this. I have the chance to overcome any obstacle that comes my way. I’ve been mentally fighting & not been very fond of it, but I know that accountability is key.

So Bryan you still haven’t told us what Tetris has to do with this. Well, the reason for the Tetris pieces is that life for us sometimes give us these things & we have to find a way to implement them into our routine. Most of them, we’re aware of (seeing pieces in advance), & other times, you just know something is coming, but have no idea exactly what it is (I thought there was a name for it, but it’s random…somewhat). These pieces land, & you’re forced to think of where it’s to land and possibly generate you into getting a Tetris or a wave of Tetrises if you think about it. Look at your life & how many times you were unsure how something would or wouldn’t come together, & then all of a sudden, you have everything turn out JUST FINE! The creepy part is the just fine part because you don’t have any control over that either. Many times, the control is the key factor here. Tetris was my social & gaming hiatus for the most part. I also feel like resorting to video games will help me balance out my time of being involved with what’s been going on with me personally & just taking time away from what’s been going on socially. I realized that this break was needed when I posted a rant about music to the point that I really have no reason to be this invested in something so minuscule in the real world. People really have a right to listen to or ignore listening to music that’s in their queue or listening flow. That’s what causes us to become individuals and mainly be accepted at the end of the day. What I want to say to everyone is to find your outlet, which can help you alleviate your possible stress from others that sometimes has nothing to do with you. Also, don’t sell your personal achievements short. I had someone share with me, & I need to remember, small steps of progress are considered to be forms of progress, whether we realize it or not. As always, we have reached yet another blog ending, & if you see me away from Facebook or Twitter not as frequently, just refer to the fact that I’m personally putting my pieces together. No one else’s drama should be yours, & yet it happens to us daily. As always, enjoy, value, & savor the day. Take it easy.

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