Being around Good People

This might sound like an easy thing to think about but truly assess your personal situation. How many of you are really around people who want to see you grow? How many times do you hear someone growing while not seeing them move in any sorta direction? The challenge with being around people who are considered good is that the “good” is viewed from various points of view. Everyone’s different when it comes to how they see good people. If you didn’t know it, some folks may have a toxic vibe to them. We don’t think about it, but someone’s energy can really effect ours. Why is that? Part of it is that we allow it & make it like it’s the greatest thing when in reality, some people will suck more energy out of you than you can even give to yourself. Don’t let the natural drainers steal your joy & your feelings. My roommate has gotten on me about this, & I’m gonna share it…EVERYTHING DOESN’T NEED PRAYER. Sometimes you are forced to let life take its course (even when you don’t agree with it). Most instances, it isn’t even about you, & you’re put in a place where you have to realize that. Realizing where you are within your routine is key.

If you want the growth, look over those around you. There will be some that want to see success. And there who are waiting for the 2nd shoe to drop in order to confirm the failure & say “I told you so”. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. I hope everyone enjoys this. As always, until next time, this is BT signing out. Take it easy.

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