Building Your Mindset

Psychology, Psychotherapy, Mental Healing Concept. Flat Design.
Psychology psychotherapy mental healing concept. Flat design. Isolated on color background

So, I’m gonna say something that may offend some people. We are our own worst enemy. What exactly does this mean? Well, I’m glad you asked. Honestly, by us being very negative and depressing, it can cause us to get into our personal attitude bag, which usually isn’t necessary. Many times, we never know exactly what causes or generates our frustration, but we know it’s there. Sometimes, we have to do what’s called a self assessment. The million dollar question is “When is the last time you have really assessed and broken yourself down?”. The flip side is that we sometimes are not willing to seek or look for mental assistance. I think that black men & women don’t wanna get any help from anyone, because that’s then equivalent to claiming or stating that you have a problem. The brick wall after that is finances and how much it costs to get help.

I’m sharing all of this to point out something…we will find barriers or obstacles to personally put in front of us to stop us from getting things done that could take us to the next level. Even worse is when we take someone out of the mix that isn’t even part of the equation.

How many excuses have you used to stop your blessing? Are you in your own damn way? If the answers is many or yes, then it’s time to change that. The important part of that is to find an avenue & take it. That’s where the fears and worries come into play. You have to be open to knowing that you are worth and capable of so much more (whether you know it or not). What hurts us sometimes could be the one thing that we need in order to get us over our own personal hump.

Don’t be your own critic so bad to the point that you are leaving life on the table while there’s much more to accomplish in your life without even trying. That’s the message I leave with you in this blog this week. As always, continue tuning in & until next time, this is BT signing out.

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