Getting and Having Soft Skills

This isn’t an overnight process, regardless of what other people tell you. I’ll admit that some people naturally have soft skills, while others don’t. What exactly are soft skills? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s literally the ability to be able to assess a situation without being extremely aggressive and tuning into a driver while still maintaining calm or control of what’s going on. In the current line of work as well as many customer service jobs, you will find that even as the representative or person trying to help someone, some people are in full attack mode, while hardly giving you an opportunity to even able to come in and really see what specifically is going on. My most recent experience of this is picking up someone for a transportation order & before I can even get my feet grounded and established on the floor, I’m having to take a full whiff of aggression from someone who doesn’t know me just as much as I don’t know her. I think sometimes we fail to remember this, but an approach someone or something can play a major role (even when we don’t realize the extent of what we specifically say or even do. I think that attitudes carried into moments are irrelevant. I was listening to someone today having their head taken off by a fellow worker, & it was highly unnecessary. I understand that you have been in your role or position for multiple years, but that doesn’t give you the right to talk to anyone any kinda way. Respect is important. Even though this blog will be going up a little over a few weeks later, Aretha Franklin mentioned that all most people want is respect. The difference is between whether the respect is forced, earned or just natural/organic.

The role that I have now, I have made it my goal to keep or maintain a worthwhile rapport with others, because you never know what bridge you may have to recross again. This type of situation or scenario even applies with people we personally know. If you come at someone angry and aggressive all the time, when it isn’t necessary, it draws a wedge or distance between you and someone else w/o even realizing it. It’s a painful sight to see. I think that it’s key to remember that just like you personally claim to have feelings, other people have those same forms of feelings as well. The feelings may not be 100% exactly alike, but feelings are there. And to those heartless or cold hearted people, there is always gonna be something that triggers them out of that zone or headspace without knowing it. A person’s energy or vibe can come or go without you even realizing it. Just something to think about when dealing with others and their moments. Don’t let your personal moment become someone else’s. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Until next time, BT signing out.

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