Taking A Break


I really wish people knew the importance of taking time away from life to focus on yourself. You have to know how much you matter to you.

We sometimes forget that we are our own worst critic in life sometimes. We are very hard on ourselves w/o really knowing or having a true reason as to why. The challenge is that we feel like we owe someone our time, when we don’t give ourselves enough nurture and comfort where it matters. One of the first things that comes to mind regarding taking breaks relates to working on a specific craft or skill. Many times, we find ourselves trying to work extremely hard to get something done, but fail to realize that there’s no need in running ourselves rampant if we truly have nothing to show for it.

At the end of last year, I realized that I had to take a break away from the podcast. I didn’t know the extent of how serious it was trying to work on my craft or skill, until I took those days & truly worked on myself. Breaks require knowing that you need self-care. I think we want the self-care, but aren’t willing to do it as we deem it beneficial. It mentally corrodes our mind and our spirit sometimes. We gotta know how much we genuinely matter to ourselves. I feel like that’s lost in translation sometimes, & we have to be reminded & humbled in knowing this.

A break could lead to possible sanity. It could also lead to generating some worthwhile ideas that we never really put ourselves into doing. I will admit that since I returned back to work, I’ve been in go mode & have constantly been going for the sake of myself. I know that with time, this will hopefully change. Until then, though I just have to get through my routine the best way possible for me mostly.

Well, I hope this blog gave you a brief break away from insanity to balance and gain a little sanity for once. I think we sometimes need it more than we realize. As always, this is BT signing out.

4 thoughts on “Taking A Break

  1. This post definitely resonated with me because I am a classic workaholic at times lol! I’m working on it tho 😀 … I totally agree with you about being good to yourself and the importance of taking breaks. I’ve learned that taking breaks refuels creativity and as obvious as that may seem, some of us may not even realize it because of the “go go go” culture we live in. Keep up the good work encouraging everyone!

    1. Being a creator is a very challenging activity because you wanna see yourself constantly creating and working on things, while taking no time for yourself. That’s what we don’t do enough of. When breaks reduce, our sanity does too. That’s what I’m finally beginning to see. I think that after today, I’m gonna have to take some creative chill time.

      1. It’s still under construction. I’m working on the genuine self-care. It’s a constant work in progress :D. Your’e forced to be reminded and humbled w/ being able to know how to just cut off the resources around you.

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