What Got Me Into Tech

I was having a convo with my twin & we were both blogging on our tablets w/ our Bluetooth keyboards, & the question came up regarding when I got into technology or genuinely became a true techie. The quickest & most immediate thought I could think of was the opportunity of being able to have my own apartment and the amount of technology. However, after truly looking further into it, I confirmed that my passion for tech started from my brother. First and foremost, my brother is 18 years older than me. I was able to gain and obtain plenty of learning and building from him. He wasn’t directly in my life “per se”, but he always made ways to keep in contact with me. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but he was a huge part of my writing foundation & getting into writing letters & blogging as a whole. He also was someone who was able to keep up with technology. I would slowly learn about various technological enhancements because of him. I also became someone who would go out there & find time to look up various cell phones and see which phones or gadgets were of worthwhile benefit to own starting out. I am just thankful for being as much of a sponge as possible regarding how to face and endure tech. Many times, I will see people get new gadgets and gizmos when they first come out. I think it’s not noticed publicly, but I’m usually the guy who’s gonna look up articles and reviews on many gadgets that are out there. I know that when I got my Amazon Echo, I don’t regret the investment. When I initially got it, I wasn’t using it very often. Then, I found myself connecting it to my television or currently having it linked to my Spotify to play music. I think that technology has grown and enhanced over time, causing me to trend along with it accordingly. Some things I’ve learned to stay away from altogether while others are just a part of my normal being. To this day, the most intriguing tech moment was when I first got an iPhone & I had Apple Pay & decided to pay using it when working on my car. The staff member who was working there was more shocked that they accepted Apple Pay. I think sometimes you have to bring people to the times of what’s going on, because they’re naturally scared or worried. The quickest example I can think of relates to AirPods. When they first came out, I thought they were gonna fall out of my ear & I wouldn’t be the biggest fan of them. Now, I can’t stop wearing mine when I find the opportunity to just throw them in my ear and zone out for a bit. That’s another level of technology. Anyways, I will say that my brother is a huge source of my love and excitement for technology. Of course, I’m not out here running around with the latest of gadgets at all times, but most of the simple things that I keep up with are gonna remain within my flow. I also wanna bring up something important…I am not a COMPLETE Apple guy. I have a balance in my life. I utilize many Android-based devices. One of them being my echo that I mentioned earlier. You have to balance out your routine with those things. Just my personal opinion. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed reading as much as I did writing this. Take it easy.

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