Media vs. Social Media


I am here to provide some bad news…social media is trying to take over as a supposed source of media. If you go back to life before social media, major news companies would be known for breaking or sharing the stories as they happen. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Court TV (before it was Tru TV), & obviously your local news outlets would be considered and are still known as media. That’s the raw data considered as news.

Within a matter of a few years, we have placed social media as a more trusted source of media or news compared to actually taking time to make sure that a story is valid. This is a very strange way to look at it, but if Twitter & Instagram were a thing during the OJ Simpson trial, there would have been much more information shared or exposed that we may not have needed to know. Someone would have “leaked” some information. I know that the biggest difference is that the World Wide Web has literally been upgraded or promoted to the Internet. We look at the Internet as gold. When you did research papers back in the late 90s, the World Wide Web was starting to make a wave, but nowhere near the way it has lately. We are at a stage & point in which you really don’t even have to do as much research for something to happen. When someone has been injured, harmed, or whatever, then a video will “eventually” surface causing social media to become the media.

Have we lost trust in local and our everyday news sources? Are social media sources really getting it right? I can think back with sports when Teamstream was just a mere thought, & now Bleacher Report has become the sports version of “the shade room”. For those who have no clue what the shade room is, it’s a tabloid source that gives news as quick as they happen about celebrities and their lives. Anyways, stories break more often about players and teams through their twitter or just people sharing information with major bloggers or other known writers. I’m just writing all of this to share that writing and promotion information now is pretty heavy.

Before a story has been broken, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!! When you think back to MJ passing, people already had him killed off without really seeing if the story had hit the major sites (Associated Press, Huff Post, CNN, etc). It’s gotten so bad that people like myself will share or break a story without really looking to see if the story is accurate.

Finally, it’s important to make sure that you don’t get caught by fake sites or trolling webpages that make a story that isn’t close to a real story. Hopefully you’re more tactful in your readings before just going to the first thing that’s out there. Until next time, this is BT signing out. Take it easy.

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