Blog Title (BACK AGAIN) Reference

I wanted to write this blog & bring to light because I don’t think everyone truly knows the origin of my blog title. A friend of mine was shocked when he figured out the reference & left it as a comment. I guess I’ll simply share the reference & what triggered it. I opened this blog a couple of years ago. I was writing my fair share of blogs here, & then out of the blue, I just stopped using the blog altogehter. I called myself using Tumblr, but I noticed that I literally had outgrown Tumblr. My blogging life has gone in different places, & even went to Blogspot at one point (I think it goes by Blogger if I’m not mistaken). Well, somehow I returned to my WordPress again, & I was thinking of a song that tied into me returning back to blog, & I shockingly thought about Dilated People’s single “Back Again”. If you haven’t heard that song, please look it up through your respective streaming service, or you can find it on YouTube.

Just wanted to share what the meaning was behind the title. I might rest on the blogs & prepare all of the blogs for the new year, because I know for a fact that the “year in review” that I’ll be sharing over on passpodcast will be amazing. Just look forward to greater. Take care y’all.

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