20 Minutes

1200 seconds. That’s the amount of time that exists in 20 minutes. There are many things you can do with that amount of time. Many times, we find ourselves taking the smallest amounts of time for granted. I have really been trying to figure out Bryan, & sometimes Bryan scares Bryan. I know that I’m usually accustomed to writing a blog on every Monday. I also know that I mentioned that I was planning to take a break on my blog for the new year. Obviously, both of those theories & thoughts were a lie. In this specific case, I got to do something that I hadn’t done in quite some time…I just meditated. I set my timer to 20 minutes. I turned on a tai chi playlist. I put in my AirPods. I kept my lights off. I sat down my meditation mat & pillow (thanks Rach). I just went into my space. I literally cleared my mind of any negativity. I cleared my spirit of any irregular or horrible thoughts. I twinged a few times because I wasn’t used to being still for that long of a period of time. Once the timer had completed, I opened my eyes & felt relaxed. I promised my friend that I would share my meditated thoughts (not medicated), & I will say that sitting number one felt relaxing. It was what I needed. Many times, I’m trying to sit & be “OK”, but in reality, I have a lot on my mind, & for a few minutes, I need to just shut my brain off. I will try to share these as they happen, but I will say that I walked away with less stress than I have carried in a while. I will elaborate more on where or how this stress has generated. What’s ironic is that earlier this week, someone told me that my chakras & my energy was off. I think I finally know why. This is gonna be a long road, but this is a road that I’m willing to take for the sake of my sanity. I have to be my own peace. I have my own peace. I can’t expect peace from anyone else. I will NEVER get it @ the rate I’m going. That’s just the bottom line. Anyways, enjoy your Friday & find your true space within your personal spirit.

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