Day 3 of 1200 seconds…

It’s yet another day of meditation. I think that I have got this down. I haven’t reduced my amount of time, nor have I really modified too much. Two big changes today that I generated were to use my Beats solo headphones instead of my AirPods to block out more outsides noises & I turned the phone to “Do Not Disturb”. I obviously can’t place my phone on Airplane mode since the streaming meditation music is from the ‘net. Anyways, I am really enjoying this. I think today’s meditation made me think even more. I was thinking about if anyone has ever done meditation classes or programs within either jail or prison. I feel like sometimes you need something to get out of your head space while trying to get through your sentence & all. I know that no one thinks of it from that perspective, or thinks that they should just sit there & just get it done. That’s a whole different tangent, but I think that I’m getting a better handle of this meditation. It’s gonna stay @ 1200 seconds until otherwise noted. I am finally beginning to realize that I can’t fix things around me that aren’t fixable. I’m personally OK with that. See you tomorrow with TWO blogs (yes I decided to resurrect my Monday blogs). Take it easy.

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