Bird Box Review

It’s safe to say that the Internet wins AGAIN! I didn’t realize how much the Internet was winning until I saw this movie get the attention that it received. I oddly love giving videos their proper view after the excitement has died down.

A few days ago, my twin & I decided to sit down & watch “Bird Box”. Thanks to social media, there were mixed interpretations of the movie. This is a simple and direct review from me watching it. When it first started, it brought you to the present, which is usually normal with many movies. As the story progressed, it took you back to how they got to the point that they had reached. When Malorie was at the hospital, she was going for her pregnancy check-up. As she was in the midst of leaving the hospital, she was beginning to see that things weren’t right.

For sake of watching the movie, I won’t give too much information. I’ll just cut the main factor. It brought up how natural it is to detach yourself from others. Malorie got used to this early on when she met Olympia. Ironically calling the kids girl & boy made it even more evident.

We didn’t see the demons because we don’t see half of the demons that are right in our face until it’s too late. Then, to point out the sun being let through, no one payed attention to the birds not being worried or stressed by the area. They were boxed early on with Malorie, & within the location of the blind school, the birds were boxed there as well, thus BIRD BOX!!!

Anyways, that was my takeaway & breakdown of the movie. I will look forward to seeing more unique and random movies on Netflix. Take it easy.

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