Starting off the Year Right

It’s only fitting that I’m wide awake writing & queuing up a blog at 2:42 in the morning, & it’s solely because my mind is in a massive thought flurry. I went ahead & put on the Anita Baker/EWF playlist, which is getting me going. All of that being said, I just wanted to share that I’m starting off the year the right way. I kinda started to get into this on my most recent podcast which can be found here: I was sharing with my friends & any of those who personally know me that I apologize. I have turned my back on people & not been as Bryan as I would like to. I am not just saying this looking for pity or sorrow. I just know that I’ve written blogs & shared various topics, & all I can say is that I have been forced to learn heavily from my mistakes. Sometimes, you will have others cause you to remember where you’ve come from in order to know that’s not where you belong. I am gonna as in-depth with this as possible, only because it has to be said. I’ve written a few social media posts about a situation I experienced while at Magfest, & I initially thought that addressing the person about what happened after my trip would have been the best thing to do. Instead, it just blew up in my face, which can happen sometimes. I had quickly noticed the wall starting to just break down based on knowing that the conversation would go nowhere. I think that the reason I’m publicly bringing this to light is that you can’t get through to some people regardless of how clear you are with your communication.

Many people who know me will confirm that I try my hardest to communicate how I feel about something, even if I don’t wanna directly face or deal with it. I think that it’s important to take that moment or two in knowing that if you fucked up, that it’s OK to step back & claim that you did things a little wrong. Part of me felt like I approached the reaction to the action wrong, but I also feel like it’s better to sometimes cut ties with people & let them be who they are in what they do. That’s the only way to do it. Anyways, I just wanna say that this year will be about being reliable & beneficial in my elements, which are this blog, my podcast, & most importantly, my web design skill/knack. It’s truly time for me to work on things to better me & those around me. I want much more for myself, & I’ve always settled for the bare minimum, & it’s time to change that.

Now that I’ve written that, I feel better. I think that toxic & trash energies will stay from around me. If I don’t feel like you’re genuinely coming from the right place, then I’m not gonna waste time trying to heal or work on something that’s broken. That’s just the bottom line.

I know this blog will be coming from a very different direction than many of my others, but I think that it’s fitting to go ahead & write what’s on my heart & how I truly feel. Anyways, I hope everyone has a great week & that you’re prepared to improve on 2018 those things that will help you be greater in 2019. Until next time, this is BT signing out.

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