Mental Health vs. Self-Care

Most of the time, we find people trying to go with this theory that they’re having a problem with their mental health. However, the truth is that you have to learn how to separate when there’s an issue with your mental well-being, which factors into your mental health, & when you need to genuinely learn to love & do the right things for you that ties into self-care. Many of us put them in the same category, which isn’t even the way to look at them. I will tell you all before I even write any further that I personally have no experience or involvement with mental health. Whenever I talk about it, I usually am going about it all wrong. Bad enough I value having friends & people I personally am bound with who have experienced with various forms of mental health. I am learning that whenever I plan to talk about it on my podcast, I make sure that I have guests on who know what’s really going on in that category. Now, self-care…that’s my lane. That’s my avenue. That’s my alley. I have worked very hard to find small and simple ways to work on making sure that you matter to you. Sometimes, we want to be readily available to others, but we are never available to ourselves. Why is that? This is what causes the self-care factor to be neglected.

My reason for splitting these two analogies is because sometimes when someone knows that their proper handling of self-care isn’t take into account, it automatically goes to mental health. In some instances, if you let your lack of self-care get out of control, it “can” get out of hand & turn into mental health. However, I can’t personally relate, because as mentioned, I don’t have an issues with mental health whatsoever. I’m usually pretty stable with my mindset within my routine. I just think that you have to work your hardest on making sure that you’re OK. Also, if you’re not OK, it’s not a problem if you’re not readily available to other people. Anyways, that’s a pretty direct & simple blog for this one. I have a couple more topics to get into. As always, this is BT signing out.

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