This week was a little different for my meditation. I know that I am always sharing my weekly attempts of meditating for 20 minutes. I personally was transitioning my room, which was and still is still under construction. I think this will continue next week. I honestly am unsure of what will happen this upcoming week because most of my off days are taken over by other things.

Regardless, I haven’t been meditating the way I usually would. However, I have gotten into the church again. When I say that I am getting into the church, I was never out of it per se, but I haven’t been attending the way I personally would like to. I think what’s important for me is to know that I can enjoy & value the energy of where I’m receiving the word. That’s VERY key. Many times, if you don’t feel like you’re receiving the right message, then you will naturally become discouraged. A lot of times, it’s the religious & judgemental pieces that scare people off. Those are things that kinda put me in my bubble. I have lately learned that getting out of your bubble & getting out of your own way is what helps you grow as a person. That’s what I’ve been forced to do lately. Today, I think it was on my spirit to pray a little more & begin to believe. I attended church & received a good word. I also was able to be prayed over. I had a few people tell me that they wish success over my future, & that touched me. I shared this in my personal testimony on Facebook. I know that not everyone reads what I share, & I’m OK with that. I think that I’m finally realizing how to use these social media platforms while not being engulfed by it. When the pastor who prayed over me shared that I have a business coming, that kinda scared me. He really must have felt it in my spirit. I personally almost cried. I usually try to be the big guy & not get taken down. So, I will be getting meditation back into the routine, but I have to get my place in a meditated and comforting place to achieve this. I already had people tell me that you won’t get it done every day, & it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t. I’m beginning to see that full circle thankfully. I’m gonna end it here. I hope everyone enjoys this weekly meditation and spiritual shares. They are very resourceful. Until next time, this is BT signing out.

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