Playing the Victim


Whoa is me! I’ve gone through so much! You don’t know my struggle! It’s so hard out here! I think that this is the blog that might hurt a few feelings. It just might hurt my own. I go through some rough times. I think we all do. That’s a part of life. In no way, shape, or form am I saying that people don’t go through things, but I’m here to write this in the nicest way possible…STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM!!! If you’re not taking time to fix or assess what’s going on, I am over showing pity or sorrow when your boo-hoo moments occur. Folks are tired of being single, but don’t go anywhere. Folks are tired of their significant others, but they remain involved with that person. People want to get a better job, but aren’t doing anything to pursue that better job. I went to the hospital & I want others to see my armband, but not ask me what’s wrong. If I were truly able to sit & point out the numerous times I’ve seen this sporadic occurrences, I would run out of fingers to point, because I see it so much that it practically makes me sick to my stomach. We all go through shit. That’s not where I’m concerned. No one wants to go through it & get through it. They just feel like “if I stay right here, it’ll change”. Sir, ma’am, I’m here to tell you that you can’t expect change if you’re sitting in that same place you were 6 months ago with no willingness to improve those things around you.

A friend of mine shared this with me a few weeks ago, & it’s stuck with me ever since…if you want to prove to others that you’re doing something, just go out there & do it. He didn’t say that specifically, but he reminded me of how I would go online & say I was gonna do this or I have plans of doing that, & I would NEVER do anything. Lately, I’m jus sitting in the background and getting shit done. I’ll announce it if I feel the need. I personally don’t feel like every moment needs to be shared with the masses. Sometimes, we want to get the attention of others, & we fail to realize that we don’t need approval or confirmation from anyone except ourselves. Sharing or showing our hands to others isn’t as beneficial as we think.

I need everyone to stop investing energy in feeling like they’re the victim. If you’re going through something, go through it & I’ll be waiting on the other side. If you stay in that rut & don’t wanna improve or fix that moment that’s making you become or try to become the victim, don’t take it to heart if I leave you right where you belong…in that hole/trap. As always, hope everyone enjoys the blog. Until next time, this is BT signing out. Take it easy.

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