Knowing You Need to Heal…

I’ve been sitting & looking through my various blog drafts, & I think for the first time, I can say I have quite a few topics to get off the ground. I’ve almost got enough blogs in drafts to cover a season (Summer Madness). 

I guess you can say that this blog is a follow up from my blog last week. I realized that I had to have a hard look at reality in knowing that it’s time to accept the truth…I NEED HELP!! This title…I know that it’s time for me to heal. I have been scared to heal & process all that has happened. 2019 has been all about me taking time to just step back & just face my own personal realities. I am not here to talk about every single one of them. What I am here to talk about is that I’m I’m really in need of finding my way to grieve. 

I never grieved over my sister’s passing. I never went to therapy. I was afraid of therapy worried about what would come from going to therapy. I was unwilling to improve myself. Lately, I have been working extremely hard on building my brand, but I’ve also been working on building my internal temple. It’s been a painful process to face, but thankfully I’ve had the best support system. I have been forced to wake up & get out of my own mind. 

The last message is the most important message of this…you have to be willing to get out of your own mind. Our mind will make us wander as well as get worried about things that we just don’t have the answers to fixing. I’ve been trying to heal on my own. I finally started meditating, & that has felt good. I still got some work to do with that, but that’s another element. I just know that I’m ready to build myself to be a greater Bryan. That’s been the name of the game lately. You are sometimes forced to just prioritize your routine in every way possible. 

Know your worth & never sell yourself short. Don’t let something that shouldn’t weigh you down be such a huge weight on your shoulders. That way, you have the energy to handle all that’s bound to come your way. On that note, we will end this blog here. Until next time, this is BT signing out. 

Final message…It’s tough to heal others when you’re not healed properly. Just my two cents. 

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